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Protect your patient data for less than $8 per week
Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics receive holiday donation from our employees
Health insurance update--here's what we know...
Why you need a long-term care plan
Protect your patient data for less than $8 per week!
Is $400 per year worth the peace of mind that your patient data is safe and secure?
Data security breaches and/or compromises of patient and employee data continue to be reported at a high frequency in the health care community. HIPAA now requires that patients be notified in the event of data breaches. 
This January alone, a medical group, a hospital, a health department, and Blue Cross Blue Shield suffered data loss. Could your practice be next?*
Many doctors are concerned about the security of patient data and find being in compliance with the new HIPAA regulations a challenge. Fortunately, COPIC Financial has an insurance option available that will not only protect providers against the cost of notification as well as liability, but will assist doctors in developing the proper procedures and protocols for securing data in their practices. This coverage provides privacy breach response services in the event of an actual or suspected breach of personally identifiable information, in the form of forensic and legal assistance, notification to persons required under HIPAA regulations and 12 months of credit monitoring provided by TransUnion.

Additionally, there is a separate limit of liability which includes coverage for information security and privacy, regulatory defense cost and penalties, and web site media content liability.

Included in this coverage is the ability for doctors to obtain compliance materials and sample policies and procedures. It also includes step-by-step procedures for lowering your risk, including providing information on how your data is stored, collection procedures, destruction of information and incident response plans.

This turn-key solution to data breaches is available to providers for a low cost of $400 per year. For additional information or to apply for coverage, contact Kristin Stepian at 720-858-6297.


Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics receive holiday donation from our employees
Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics (RMYC) provide Cary, Margie, Jill, and Helen accessible, high-quality health care to kids--regardless of their family's ability to pay. When COPIC's Wendy Heckman visited a clinic in early December, she learned that beyond medical care, the kids who visit don't leave empty-handed. Whether it's a bag with basic grocery items or a toy for a toddler, the already stretched clinic helps ensure other basic needs are met.
Wendy and her team donated and collected items to give to RMYC over the holidays. The team collected food, formula, toys, office supplies, and much more.

"The Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics could not have provided the much needed food and gifts to our patients had it not been for the efforts of our friends at COPIC," said Jill Friedentag Fishman, Community and Volunteer Relations Manager for RMYC.

Health insurance update--here's what we know
Things in this arena are rapidly changing...and it's safe to say that we can count on things to keep changing.
But here's what we know for sure. 
  • Andrea Levine, COPIC Financial's health insurance rep, will stay on top of the situation with a keen eye towards how it will affect our health insurance clients.
  • You can count on receiving objective advice and recommendations based on research and performance because we are not directly tied to any insurance company. You'll receive advice based on your needs.
  • Our priority is finding the best products and services in the market to ensure appropriate coverage and save you time and money.
 Contact Andrea Levine at 720-858-6287.  
Why you need a long-term care plan
You've probably heard all of the statistics. You understand that paying out-of-pocket for eldercare can be costly. You've heard that the average life expectancy has increased by 30 years over the last century, increasing the possibility of medical problems along the way. And, you likely know that Medicare and Medicaid do not pay for most long-term care expenses.
Although the statistics are alarming and often compelling, they don't necessarily spur us into action. Sometimes it helps to consider this: You don't plan for long-term care for yourself. Sure, those who plan know that care will be provided in the setting of their choice. But who are they really protecting?
Their families.
  • Three-quarters of all care is provided informally by family members-from grocery shopping and housecleaning to bathing and dressing. In some cases, 24/7 care is required.
  • When it comes to making the difficult decisions about your care, it's often going to be your spouse or your children making that call during an already emotionally-charged time. 
  • Assets are quickly depleted should professional care be required, reducing savings for a surviving spouse and the inheritance for kids and grandkids (see the cost of care in your area).
  • Family caregivers experience emotional stress and are at high risk for depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. They also face financial issues-from missing work to shrinking savings due to the care they have to provide.
It's important to talk to your family about your plan for long-term care. Carolyn Samuelson can help with your planning. Call 720-858-6286 or e-mail Carolyn.
Even if you're not currently in the market for insurance products, we're always available to help make sure you're getting the best coverages at the best prices. Call us at 720-858-6280!

Wendy Heckman
VP, COPIC Financial Service Group
COPIC Better Medicine, Better Lives
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