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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Protect Cumberland Co. from a coal liquefaction plant  
Take action by attending May 27 meeting! 


The SOCM Cumberland Co. Chapter is asking for your help to protect Cumberland County from the development of a coal liquefaction plant. While coal liquefaction is a newer concern for the chapter, recent developments have required timely response from SOCM members. Coal liquefaction is a dangerous process used to produce synthetic liquid fuels from coal; and requires excessive water, utilizes expensive coal and contributes heavily to air pollution (including carbon emissions).

The Industrial Development Board for Cumberland, Morgan and Roane counties will host a meeting this Friday, May 27, to discuss the consideration of donating 100 acres of land to Freedom Energy Diesel to develop and build a $400 million coal liquefaction plant. The land being considered is located in the Plateau Partnership Park site near Interstate 40 and Westel Road.

Attend the development board's meeting, where the coal liquefaction plant will be considered:
Friday May 27, 2 p.m. (CT)
Location: Cumberland County Courthouse
2 N Main St., Crossville, Tenn. 38555

This is your chance to ask questions and express your concerns. If you are interested in attending, contact SOCM Organizer Stacey Mitchell, stacey@socm.org, or call 865.249.7488. You can also contact Ann League, ann@socm.org.

For those members residing outside the Cumberland, Morgan or Roane county areas, SOCM is asking for support as Tennessee begins to fight coal liquefaction.

Plateau Partnership Park is a joint project of the three counties to encourage and develop economic development. As an incentive to attract industry development, the Industrial Development Board will consider giving away significant acreage to Freedom Energy Diesel. Please tell the Industrial Development Board that business development is very important to the area, but not at the expense of our health and environment.

Coal liquefaction has traditionally been a more expensive form of energy production (compared to natural gas and oil), but as oil prices increase, other forms of energy production such as coal liquefaction and fracking are being analyzed more closely. The coal liquefaction process involves first converting coal to gas and then into a synthetic fuel. Liquid coal requires huge amounts of both coal and energy.

Carbon dioxide production, limited utility infrastructure, and large amounts of water needed for this form of energy production are some of the major concerns that policy makers will need to address.

Read about the proposal in a Knoxville News Sentinel article.

Thank you for your support! 


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