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January 25, 2010 - Vol 2, Issue 1
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40% Online Increase for 2009
05-09 hitsWe had 10,900 more visits to our website in 2009 than we had in 2008. That is a 40% increase in online visits. Of course, we hope to improve since that only represents a little over 100 visits each day. In the cyber world these numbers could be much higher. Our placement on search engines continues to be good. When someone does an online search for "Bible teaching" we come up #2 on Google, # 6 on Yahoo and #9 on Bing. All on the front page.
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New Online Games and Improved Notes
During the last month we have added a page for online games and online activities that can be used to study, review and practice learning information from our Bible school classes and general Bible information. The page is found at:

We also spent time uploading notes and improving our online notes archive. This includes a Google search engine designed just for our online notes. View notes:
Monday Night Bible School
Galyn Teaching at Bible SchoolDuring the last two weeks in Bible school we covered the Maccabean Revolt and the Hasmoneans. These were important historical times in Israel during the years 170-63 BC. Parts of this time period was prophesied by Daniel in Daniel chapter 11. There is a tremendous amount of information recorded in history and supported by archaeology from this time period in history. The online information is below. The Bible School meets every Monday night at 7:00 at Connxions at 3901 121st Street in Urbandale, Iowa. Framework for Christian Faith is our textbook.
Gospel of Matthew: Verse by Verse
The Faith E. Free Church began a series of verse by verse teaching through the book of Matthew last Sunday. Here are the links to the first message of the Matthew Series:

Audio - Matthew 3:13-17 - Jesus is Baptized (Sun., 1/17/10) - mp3
Video - Matthew 3:13-17 - Jesus is Baptized (Sun., 1/17/10)- RealPl.
Notes - Matthew 3:13-17

(Free RealPlayer download to watch video.)
Galyn's Photos of Israel
The Dead Sea

 Galyn's YouTube Videos
Jerusalem's Eastern Wall and the Eastern Gate

Galyn teaches the book of Malachi
"As a Muslim convert to Christ the zeal to reach out and minister is strong.
Please, assist me with literature/bibles to help me reach out to more people
especially my friends in Islam."
- Ghana

"I would like to receive your much talked about book - "Framework for Christian Faith."
- Pastor Ajibade, Oyo State, Nigeria

"Thank you so much for the work of God that you are doing to make the truth known to the people of God. I have visited your site and I was so much impressed with it. I request you to be part of this ministry. We can work together for the kingdom of God."
- Pastor, Uganda, East Africa

"First of all I would like to thank you for access to your maps. I was looking for a map that had the land Joshua had conquered as well as what remained unconquered.
You had both of them, and they were just what I was looking for."
- D. L., United States

"I thank God that I came across your website. Thank you for the work of God. . . I live in a country that has experienced civil war for 14 years. Here we need a Bible teaching ministry like yours . . . Please tell me how your ministry can help us establish such a school here."
- Pastor Victor, Liberia, West Africa
Each week three new messages are uploaded to the Generation Word website. Visit often to study and learn the Word of God. Share this email and our website with your friends and fellow believers.
Galyn Wiemers
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