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November 29, 2009 - Vol 1, Issue 7
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Basic Doctrine - Hamartiology
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Monday Night Bible School
Senator Grassley Comments on "Framework"
Seal of Shelomith
Ephesians Audio/Video Archive
Photos of Israel - Jericho
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I spent some time on it during the Thanksgiving vacation to improve its look and provide easier navigation. We have not eliminated anything, but have, hopefully, made things easier to get to. Take a look at it here.
Basic Doctrine: Hamartiology - the study of sin
This Sunday, Nov. 22, we continued our "Basic Doctrine" series in our Sunday morning church service with a study of sin, or hamartiology. We discussed the origin of sin, free will and self-determinism, types of sin, Hebrew and Greek words for sin, Jesus' teaching on sin, sources of sin, the affects of sin, penalties for sin and the difference between inherited, imputed and personal sin. In addition to reading from the Bible, we covered pages 462-467 in the "Framework" textbook.  (Free RealPlayer download to watch video.)

Audio - Basic Doctrine: Hamartiology (Sun., 10/22/09) - mp3
Video - Basic Doctrine: Hamartiology (Sun., 10/15/09)-RealPl.
Notes - Hamartiology - the Study of Sin ("Framework" ch. 55)
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Monday Night Bible School
bible school_2This last week in Bible school we covered the book of Haggai and the eight night visions of Zechariah in Zechariah 1-6. Haggai and the book of Zechariah were written between August 29, 520 to December 7, 518 BC. More detailed teaching of the book of Zechariah can be found in our verse by verse teaching series through the book of Zechariah here. This next Monday we will finish the last seven chapters of Zechariah and finish the book of Ezra. Last week's class is now online (use links below). The Bible School meets every Monday night at 7:00 at Connxions at 3901 121st Street in Urbandale, Iowa. Framework for Christian Faith is our textbook. Previous classes are available here. The entire curriculum is here.
Request  "Framework for Christian Faith"
United States Senator Charles Grassley commented about the "Framework for Christian Faith" textbook saying:

"Galyn Wiemers has compiled a useful tool for Christians in our country and throughout the world.
His work provides a personal tool for assisting
believers in understanding their faith and the application of faith to their lives."

Request your copy by sending a shipping address to:

The Seal of Shelomith, Zerubbabel's Daughter
shelomith_sealLast Monday night in Bible School we spoke of Zerubbabel's royal family line which came from David through Jehoiachin. We spoke of Zerubbabel's uncles, his sons and a daughter name Shelomith, or Shlomit, mentioned in 1 Chronicles 3:17-19. Zerubbabel returned with the exiles to Jerusalem in 538 BC and served as the governor of the land of Judah under Cyrus. It is likely that the royal palace used by the kings of David's line was restored for Zerubbabel and his government. Eleven months ago, a seal from this time period belonging to a female named Shelomith, or Shlomit, was found in the excavation of this royal palace in Jerusalem. The Seal was apparently made in Babylon and has Persan symbols on it. Any female with a seal would have been of important linage. It would appear we have found Zerubbabel's daughter's seal from the time of Ezra, Zechariah, Haggai, etc.). Read more here:

Ephesians Taught Verse by Verse

For almost one year we have been teaching through the book of Ephesians on Tuesday nights. To access the audio, video and notes from these classes go to the Ephesians Archive Page.
Galyn's Photos of Israel

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A Mandate to Proclaim the Truth
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