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November 2, 2009 - Vol 1, Issue 4
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Basic Doctrine
Connxions Bible School
Archaeology: Excavation of David's Palace
Visitors from Nigeria
Photos of Israel
Galyn on YouTube
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Generation Word continues to make hundreds of Bible classes and messages available online at We are at a time in our society where pastors and parents must take up positions in the last line of defense to educate and empower a generation with the ngo_maryTruth. In an effort to help make our culture aware of basic Bible doctrine we began a new series on Sunday called "Basic Doctrine." The Monday night and Wednesday night Bible school classes continue through the "Framework" textbook. This Saturday, November 7, Galyn Wiemers will be signing books at the Connxions Bookstore and Event Center in Urbandale, Iowa at the same time Connxions will host an appearance by Christian music industries' #1 band Mercy Me. (details below)
Basic Doctrine
This Sunday, Nov. 1, we began an new series entitled "Basic Doctrine" in our Sunday morning church service. Since only 0.5% of our population ages 18-23 have a Christian worldview and only 9% of the adult population understand the basics, I thought it would be appropriate to instill some basic orthodox doctrine. Our fist topic was Bibliology which covered God's view of his written word including inspiration, and inerrancy. (Free RealPlayer download to watch video.)

audio - Basic Doctrine: Bibliology (Sunday, 10/1/09) - mp3
video - Basic Doctrine: Bibliology (Sunday, 10/1/09) - RealPl.
notes - Bibliology - study of Scripture ("Framework" ch. 52)
Monday Night Bible School at Connxions
Connxions Bible SchoolClass tonight (11/2) at 7:00 will cover the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC and the events that followed. The Connxions Bible School meets every Monday night at Connxions Bookstore and Event Center at 3901 121st Street in Urbandale, Iowa. We are using "Framework for Christian Faith" as our textbook and are currently surveying the Old Testament. Video and .mp3 of the previous classes are available here. The entire Bible School curriculum is here.
Read Before Bible School Class (Mon. 11/2/09)
  • A bulla (an impression made in clay with a seal) that bears the name Yehuchal ben Shelemyahu, or Jehucal son of Shelemiah, found in David's royal palace mentioned in Jeremiah 38:1 and 37:3. In Jeremiah 38 Jehucal accused Jeremiah and helped lower and confine Jeremiah in a cistern. In Jeremiah 37:3 Jehucal was sent by the King along with a priest to ask Jeremiah to pray for the crumbling nation.
  • A bulla (SEE PHOTO) found underneath the northern tower that bears the name Gedalyahu ben Pashhur or Gedaliah son of Pashhur, who is also mentioned in Jeremiah 38:1 as assisting in Jeremiah being confined to a cistern in the courtyard of the guard. In Ezra 2:38 the family of Pashhur returns to Jerusalem from Babylonian captivity and is listed with the names of the priests. (Note: these two men, Jehucal and Gedaliah, are mentioned in the same verse in Jeremiah 38: 1 and are described as working together in the royal palace against Jeremiah. Now,sometime during the last few months, since I was in Jerusalem and had a chance to look at Mazar's excavation, bullae with the names of these same two men impressed along with their family names have been found within a few feet of each other in the same royal palace the Bible says they worked!)

  • Read this blog by Galyn on the recent excavation of David's Royal palace here
Visitors from Nigeria
ngo_maryNgo and Mary, from Nigeria, are studying veterinary science through the University of Iowa in the USA. They have been attending church services and Wednesday night Bible school classes with us at Faith E. Free in Audubon, Iowa during this six week period. Mary's husband is a pastor in Nigeria and Ngo just celebrated her and her husband's one year anniversary. We have, of course, provided them with books and have connected with them on Facebook!
Connxions Host's "Mercy Me" (and, me, Galyn)
Mercy Me2Mercy Me, one of the top Christian bands, will be at Connxions on Saturday. Also, appearing will be Johnny Diaz and 10th Avenue North. The bands will be in the store for 107 minutes beginning at noon. Generation Word will also be there to distribute the books Framework for Christian Faith and Hope for America's Last Generation. In addition we will be handing out Generation Word ministry information and the Got Questions? cd.

Connxions' doors open at 10. The bands arrive at noon. There will be overflow parking with a running shuttle bus from the Des Moines Christian schools parking lot. I will be there handing out and signing  books from about 11:00 until we run out of material or people loose interest.
Galyn's Photos of Israel

 Galyn's YouTube Videos
Walk Through Hezekiah's Tunnel (720 BC) Under Jerusalem with Galyn

Philosophy and Ethics - Galyn Compares Five Worldviews
"I committed to doing a Bible Study of the Book of John with someone . . . I'd been praying to the Lord for Bible Based TRUTH that could facilitate this study as I would NOT want to cause confusion or do false teaching in any way.  Then I found your website! I am so excited to take your notes tonight and start this walk through John."
- Missouri

"I have just come across your web page while I was looking for studies on hermeneutics.
It is absolutely fantastic. Even the way you communicate information that some might
consider to be 'plain boring.' You recognize the necessity for it to be taught and it's relevance.
You relay it with such energy, excitement and enthusiasm. There is such  a transparency in
the way you teach . . . In my view God has given you the ability to teach, so much so,
that hearers don't want you to stop. As a result I am encouraged by you to continually
give myself to the constantly reading and studying of the Scriptures."
- United Kingdom
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Galyn Wiemers
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