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October 26, 2009 - Vol 1, Issue 31
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Welcome to the first online newsletter from Generation Word. Many of you may remember our "monthly" news letter, called Our Season in Time when it was sent out in the mail from July of 2002 until January of 2008. We hope to use this new email format to highlight many of our online features, keep you updated with oFramework Coverur most recent teaching and remind you of our local Bible studies which are also available online. We will have over 2,000 email addresses receiving the first few emails. Please share this email with your friends and help us continue to build up a list of people who want to learn the Word of God, mature in their faith and make an impact on this generation with the Word of God for the Kingdom of God and of his Son Jesus Christ. Let us know what you think of this new format.
Seven World Views
On a few Sunday mornings in October Galyn compared the Christian worldview with that of Secular Humanism, Marxism-Leninism, Cosmic Humanism and Post-Modernism. Ten areas of study (including ethics, biology, sociology, politics, economics, etc.) were examined. These incompatable worldviews are the source of our current civil conflict. To review the notes, listen to (or, download) the audio or watch the video use these links. (Free RealPlayer download to watch video.)

Worldview Chart
Worldview Chart from Summit Ministries
Worldview (part one) .mp3
Worldview (part two) .mp3
Worldview (part one) RealPlayer Video
Worldview (part two) RealPlayer Video
Monday Night Bible School at Connxions
Connxions Bible SchoolThe Connxions Bible School meets every Monday night at Connxions Bookstore and Event Center at 3901 121st Street in Urbandale, Iowa. We are using "Framework for Christian Faith" as our textbook and are currently surveying the Old Testament. Video and .mp3 of the previous classes are available here. The entire Bible School curriculum is here.

Galyn will be at Connxions Bookstore and Event Center signing books and providing Generation Word information on November 7 while Connxions hosts MercyMe, one of the top bands in the nation. Stop by to meet the band and support the work of Connxions.
Ephesians Study: Concept and Conduct
ephesians_chart2The Tuesday night Bible study is in chapter five of Ephesians after 38 classes of verse by verse teaching. One of the great insights gained from this book came in understanding chapter four. Chapter one describes the salvation we have. Chapter two explains the position and power of Christ. In chapter three Paul discusses the revelation revealed to him concerning the role of the church in God's plan. Then chapter four begins by saying, "I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received" and then describes the importance of correct conduct by us, the members of the church. We realize that all the glory, power and revelation of chapters 1-3 can remain unused and unproductive if we do not live humble and patient lives with other members of the body of Christ. Here is a message summing up these first four chapters:
            mp3 audio                             RealPlayer video                     Notes on Slides

The entire set of messages (audio, video, notes) can be found in our archive of:
Ephesian Messages
Galyn's Photos of Israel
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 Galyn's YouTube Videos
See Remains of Roman Destruction of the Jewish Temple from 70 AD

Galyn Compares Five Worldviews of Theology
A Comment from Birmingham, United Kingdom
"I have just come across your web page while I was looking for studies on hermeneutics.
It is absolutely fantastic. Even the way you communicate information that some might
consider to be 'plain boring.' You recognize the necessity for it to be taught and it's relevance.
You relay it with such energy, excitement and enthusiasm. There is such  a transparency in
the way you teach . . . In my view God has given you the ability to teach, so much so,
that hearers don't want you to stop. As a result I am encouraged by you to continually
give myself to the constantly reading and studying of the Scriptures."
Each week three new messages are uploaded to the Generation Word website. Visit often to study and learn the Word of God. Share this email and our website with your friends and fellow believers.
Galyn Wiemers
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