"Waking Up in the Middle of Nowhere"

 by Allison Johnson
"Waking Up in the Middle of Nowhere: finding my way in a 
 bi-polar marriage" is now available.

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August 27, 2010
Waking Up in the Middle of Nowhere is a riveting memoir about a marriage tested to the limits due to bipolar disorder. It reads like an edge-of-your-seat suspense novel while telling a passionate love story full of vulnerability, honesty, and grace. Waking Up in the Middle of Nowhere is a real life account of perseverance, the challenges of a bi-polar marriage, and the God who sustains through it all.
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Readers Comments:
Janet in WA: "Everyone who knows a bipolar person should read it. It gave me much insight."
Stacy in TX: "I'm hooked, and speechless!"
Becky in TX: "Every married woman should read this."
Kev in the United Kingdom: "A triumph of faith, hope and love!"
Jerome in North Carolina: "This book stuns and inspires!"

By telling her story with honesty and candor, Allison Johnson offers encouragement and hope to those in bipolar marriages who feel alone and afraid. Waking up in the Middle of Nowhere is a gift to anyone needing to know that someone else has been there and understands the challenges and heartaches and triumphs unique to a bipolar marriage.
Joanne Heim
Author of Misplacing God: And Finding Him Again, and Living Simply: Choosing Less in a World of More
Waking up in the Middle of Nowhere
is a gripping memoir of their journey from the darkness of untreated disease to the light of hope through a combination of love and forgiveness, balanced with spiritual guidance and medical intervention. It is a story of coming to peace with a God who does not always deliver us from our pain and suffering, but who always loves us and strengthens us to help us endure. It is the tale of a family who chose love over selfishness, and hope over fear. For the person who loves someone with Bipolar Disease, this memoir will be a friend in the storm, helping you to hold on until the sun shines through the clouds once again.
Craig Von Buseck
Director of Ministries
Christian Broadcasting Network, CBN.com

Allison Johnson has penned a graceful, gracious, gripping memoir of a marriage brought back from the brink. She offers much needed insight to the perplexing illness of bi-polar disorder; how to survive when a loved one is mentally ill; and how to preserve love, faith, and sanity when it seems your world is falling apart. Whether or not you have grappled with mental illness or marital strife, Waking up in the Middle of Nowhere will leave you breathless and restore your hope in the God for whom nothing is impossible.
Sharon L. Fawcett
Author of Hope for Wholeness: The Spiritual Path to Freedom from Depression
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