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January 2011 
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We all know how hard the last few years have been on everyone. We at the Animal Medical Center of Bradenton have made some policy changes to help both you our client and your pet our patient. Read below about our new policy changes and why. Click here to go to our website.
Free Physical Exam with Annual Vaccine Packages  Policy Change
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These difficult economic times have put a strain on both our lives and our pet's lives.

Because of these difficult economic times, the Animal Medical Center of Bradenton has instituted as new policy to waive the physical exam fee ($49) with your pet's annual physical exam with the vaccination package visit. It is our hope that by offering a Free Annual Physical Exam with the annual pet's vaccinations visit, pet owners currently using "vaccination clinics" will feel more comfortable to return to AMC for this service and provide better health and economically sound care for their pet. For the many valued pet owners that have been annual visitors to AMC for their annual physical exam with their pet's vaccination packages, while sacrificing personal expense to assure better medical care for your pet, the offer to eliminate the annual physical exam fee is an attempt to reward you for your dedication to the health of your pet.


Thank You,

Dr. Michael C. Fleck DVM

Vaccine Clinics Vs. Veterinary Clinic
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Many of us have had to cut corners in our personal expenses and those of our pets. What the Animal Medical Center is attempting to do is provide an opportunity to maintain the best possible health for your pet(s) and not break the bank because of tight family budgets


We are doing this for two reasons:

1)      We are all in these challenging economic times together and we all need to come out of these difficult economic times together

2)      We at the Animal Medical Center want to provide the highest quality health care for your pet at the least possible expense


Some pet owners have chosen to secure their pet's annual vaccines at "vaccination clinics" rather than visit with their pet's primary veterinary physician for their annual vaccine packages. Those pet owners do this so as to avoid the fee for an annual physical exam which is not performed at "vaccination clinics". Therefore, those pet owners, although well intentioned, have chosen to use "vaccination clinics" with no physical exam and thus no exam fee rather than secure annual vaccine packages from their regular veterinarian who routinely performs an annual physical exam, but with a fee. Without annual veterinary physical exams, serious disease or early developing disease of the pet is not detected. Interestingly, the fees for the vaccines at the "vaccination clinics" are generally HIGHER than at their regular veterinary office. Cost savings at the vaccination clinics only comes from the absence of the physical exam fee. Those of you that have experienced a vaccination clinic know that "vaccination clinics" are nothing more than a "Cattle Call" approach in health care for your pet.


We think that the "vaccination clinics" are unfair for both the pet and to the pet owner. In addition, according to the Florida Veterinary Practice Act, the veterinarians at the "vaccination clinics" who are administering vaccines without a physical exam could be subject to malpractice evaluation by the Veterinary Licensing Board. Furthermore, private practice veterinarians, over the last few years of this severe global economic slowdown, have seen an expanded use of "vaccination clinics" by many pet owners. Accordingly, the private veterinary practitioner, including myself, has seen an accelerated number of pets with diseases that should have been easily detected by "vaccination clinic" veterinarians had they performed a physical exam. By the time the ethical veterinarian examines the unexamined pet, many diseases of the pet have progressed to a more serious condition challenging the quality of life and maybe the life span of the pet.


For more information about our new Free Annual Physical Exam with Annual Vaccination program call the office at 753-6709 or visit us at

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