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Volume 3 ♥ Issue 4.
March 7, 2011



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Now onto you and your love life. Do you really want to be exactly in the same place next Valentine's Day? How precious is your time? If you've spent 6 months to a year dating and still haven't found love, do you want to spend another 6 months doing the same thing day after daywaiting for things to change? Do you want to spend another few hundred dollars and still be exactly where you are right now? Probably not. If you can relate to this feeling and don't want to spend another holiday or another birthday alone, now's the time to invest in yourself and your love life. Contact me for details. I know I can help you.

March madness has resulted in so many singles reappearing now that all of the major holidays are over. I'm hearing from those who broke up after Valentine's Day and for those really wanting a serious relationship leading into springtime. Our new friends ellie and amy at Pink Kisses created a post just for our readers called, Beating the Post-Valentine's Breakup Blues. If this applies to you, you'll enjoy the post.

The good news is there are many new singles hopping onto online dating sites with brand new profiles. Not only that, the amount of emails guys are sending to women now are on the rise. Perhaps it's time for you to rejoin with a new irresistible online dating profile.

Don't forget to get your complimentary eBook, the 5 Secrets to Finding Love Online to help you with your search. As always, thank you for reading the Weekly Flirt and for sharing your online dating stories.

Julie Spira

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Featured Article - Should You Date a Nerd?
Cyber Love Story of the Week - Kristina and Tom
Beating the Post-Valentine's Breakup Blues
eBook and Audio - 5 Secrets to Finding Love Online
In the News
Where's Julie?
Beating the Post-Valentine's Breakup Blues

The phone has been ringing with newly heartbroken singles whose relationships sadly ended after Valentine's Day.  Some singles want to jump back online and find themselves staring at their ex's online dating and Facebook profiles. Others need more time to recover. I spoke with ellie, the queen bee and founder at pink kisses about this dilemma. We commiserated, bonded, and together we've decided to help heal some hearts.
It's a great treat to feature ellie scarborrough and her co-founder amy lynch with their thoughts about the breakup season. They're my kind of gals.


Cyber Love Story of the Week - Kristina and Tom

Cyber Love Story of the Week
Meet Kristina and Tom who met on

Tom's message read something like this:

"Hi, I am looking for a good looking girl who doesn't talk, has lots of ex-boyfriend drama and only eats salad at dinner.

From your picture I see you are good looking and noticed you are a Mets fan, which is a bonus. Let me know if you are interested. If not, good luck in life and stuff. -TOM"

9 Months later, the two were engaged.


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Where's Julie?
Julie Spira and Jackson Browne

So much of my time is spent supporting charities helping children in Los Angeles. You truly give back so much more than you receive.

I'm here with singer, musician, and songwriter Jackson Browne at the Success Through the Arts Foundation fundraiser.

Click here for story>>>
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Thank you for reading this issue of the Cyber-Dating Expert Weekly Flirt.

Did you know that if you submit your online dating stories for the Cyber Love Story of the Week and the Peril of the Week that you'll receive an autographed copy of "The Perils of Cyber-Daitng?" Valid in U.S. only.

Wishing you much love and happiness in cyberspace, or wherever you may roam.
Julie Spira
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Should You Date a Nerd? 


With the popularity of Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites, being a nerd has never been more popular.  


While The Social Network didn't win best picture this year, they still walked away with three Academy Awards to their name.

Years ago, I recall my mother telling me I should date a nerd instead of the handsome men I became seriously involved with. My mother insisted that nerds would be the most loyal husbands and would be successful in business. I reflected back to some of the nerdiest guys in high school who were at the top of the class and at the bottom of the social circles. My mother is a wise women as most of these man have gone on to become super-successful.

So if you're looking for love online, Match has come up with their list Top 10 Nerdiest cities based upon the highest educated members. It was no surprise that Sunnyvale, CA, close to the headquarters of Facebook was at the Top of the list.
So expand your geographic requirements and cast a wide net to include some of these cities. You'll meet some interesting and smart singles guaranteed to provide you with an intellectually stimulating conversation.

Sunnyvale, CA
Cambridge, MA
Somerville, MA
Berkeley, CA
Santa Clara, CA
Ann Arbor, MI
Boulder, CO
Columbia, MD
Fairfax, VA
Rockville, MD



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