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  SEPTEMBER 24, 2012
USA Hot Finds

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The weather is finally cooling off down here in the south and I've even noticed a few leaves in the yard.  That can only mean that the summertime selling season is over its time for a new batch of fall auctions on eBay.  The picks in today's issue of the Hot Finds are ending in the next 72 hours and are waiting for your click.
Top Selling USA Auctions Live on eBay

I found some really nice blades to spotlight in today's opening block.  With a saber, trench knife and more you can click over to see what the bidding has gotten to on these collectible pieces.


Top German Auctions in WWII on eBay
The interesting thing about adding the Manions block to the Monday newsletter is that they don't have some of the restrictive policies that eBay does in this category.  So if you are looking for some really interesting German pieces don't skip the Manions links I've got in the bottom left navigation bar.  germansteelhelmet fingerestmag7 germanpoliceuniform germanlifevest
WWII Auctions From Many Countries
I have been using this last block to get into many different nations and today I've got picks from Austria, Russia, England and more.  All of these are among the top items in their smaller subcategories so check them out.


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Newsletter Archive and Category Analysis

For those of you who have been following my story then you know that my wife got home from her 10 day trip to Italy this weekend.  To say that the kids were excited is an understatement.  However, about 36 hours after the reunion I have yet to hear one word about her trip.  I've been catching her up on school, homework, family and every other bit of news that she missed.  You know how moms have to get the full report.  So other than me missing a dentist appointment, failing to keep my daughters reading log caught up, and not turning in some school fundraiser orders I escaped the 10 days unscathed.  Boy its good to have her back! 

Happy Hunting,
Jason Spangler, Santeeswapper