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  SEPTEMBER 20, 2012
USA Hot Finds
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WWII Hot Finds
With Thursday night NFL on tv it feels like the weekend has already started!  These Hot Finds picks will give you a peek at some of the best military auctions ending over the next 72+ hours on eBay.  To qualify they all have to have a bid and trust me all of these are items that are going to sell - the only question is for how much.
Top Auctions in the USA Category in WWII

This week has seen some really nice flight jackets go for big bucks in the category.  This issue has three more that you can click on plus several other good picks from the best live auctions in the United States grouping.


pilotsleather helmetfixedbale squadronpatchjacket radioreceiver      

Top German Auctions in WWII on eBay
This might be the first time I've had a German potato masher in the Hot Finds.  That just goes to show you never know what some people in this hobby collect!

 germantropicalboots mauserk98 mauserschambach uniformshorts
WWII Auctions From Around the Globe
I am definitely not a good enough photographer to pull off what the seller of that sniper scope did. I don't think he took that picture with his cell phone!  The other picks in this block cover several countries making these tops in their respective cateogories.


puscopemosin wilkinsonsword denisonsmock oleandershipbell     

Newsletter Archive and Category Analysis

My wife is returning home Saturday from a 10-day trip to Italy. We have been the type of family to usually have 1 beer at night around quitting time but I have a feeling next week she is going to try and convert me to drinking grapes.  I hope maybe the post-trip buzz will fade soon but until then I'm always up for a new tradition.  Speaking of new - tonight is my first meeting as a Girl Scout Brownie leader!  I have another mom helping out but I look to have about 8 girls in the troop so it will be one of those things I can scratch off my bucket list.  How many dads get to be a Girl Scout leader?  :) 

Happy Hunting,
Jason Spangler, Santeeswapper