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  SEPTEMBER 17, 2012
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WWII Hot Finds
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I hope you have a few minutes on a Monday morning to check out some great military auctions that are ending soon on eBay.  I've also served up a fresh batch of Manions auctions including some that eBay would frown upon.  I guess that's why in this hobby you have to be plugged into multiple outlets to get the best items for your collection.
United States Auctions Live on eBay

I am a big fan of patches and insignia so I couldn't help but include some nice pieces in today's issue.  With a couple of bomber jackets and a dummy bomb how can you go wrong with these top picks from the category.

ossservicepin shouldersleeveinsignia marinecamouflaged fightersquadronjacket 

Top German Auctions in WWII on eBay
Last week I had a German block that was missing any examples of binoculars or helmets.  Well those usual suspects have definitely come back for today's edition and you can see them with one click of your mouse.  militarymauserclip ef64helmet partisanhunterwdocument m43fieldcap
WWII Auctions The Spice of Life
I was able to get a little diverse with this block and hit several countries to close out the issue.  There are good pieces listed here from Russia, Great Britain, Canada and more to seal the deal on the Monday morning newsletter.


britishcronograph flamingdragoninsignia  italianhat canadianvisorcap 

Newsletter Archive and Category Analysis

My wife is on a long-planned trip to Italy with her girlfriend so I have been holding down the house since last Tuesday.  I thought I'd share some of my accomplishments so far.  I have managed to go almost an entire week without truly cooking a supper.  Thanks to a visit from my parents to help celebrate my son's birthday, lots of leftovers, a BBQ plate fundraiser and caving in for take out pizza last night I have been perfectly useless in the kitchen.  Now before you give me an "F" for holding down the fort this week I did earn a star for taking my kids to the zoo solo this weekend.  She doesn't come home until Saturday so I think today I'm going to be forced to hit the grocery store and actually do some cooking.  Wish me luck!  No chance I'll get in trouble with her gone considering I have a 3-year old and a third grader to chase around. 

Happy Hunting,
Jason Spangler, Santeeswapper