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  SEPTEMBER 10, 2012
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Today is the first issue that includes my new partnership with the folks over at Manions.com.  This auction house sells about 90% military stuff on their site and even runs their own in house internet auctions.  I've got a box in this issue featuring some of their listings that are ending today!  I'm excited to be expanding the scope of the newsletter and trying to bring you the very best in military collectibles on the web.
Best Selling United States Auctions in WWII

With thousands of live auctions running in WWII on eBay you can count on the Hot Finds Newsletter to give you an unbiased look at some of the very best.  All of these have bids and are ending soon so click on them to see what all the action is.



Top German Auctions in WWII on eBay
One look and you can tell that this is a nice group.  Lots of great German pieces up for bids this week on eBay and some of the best are hyperlinked in below.

germanleatherjacket germanparachute germancoatuniform germanm40helmet
WWII Auctions From Around the Globe
This final block goes around the world to pull in items from Japan, Russia, and other countries that are in the WWII category.  Some of these items can go in the 4 figures!


redbannermedal generalvisorcap japanesedagger japaneseflightsuit  

Newsletter Archive and Category Analysis

I am in a situation that I'm sure many of you have been in before.  A buddy of mine has one of my last big needs and wants to sell it to me for a pretty penny.  The problem is that he wants to sell it to me a little bit more than I want to buy it.  So how do I gracefully tell him thank you for offering the item to me without appearing to balk at his $6500 asking price?  I know when you get down to the last few needs its always going to be the really hard and expensive ones that you have to decide if you are really going to bust your budget and go for.  This time I'm just not sure I can break the bank to get that need but hopefully he will understand. 

Happy Hunting,
Jason Spangler, Santeeswapper