eBay WWII Hot Finds Newsletter
  AUGUST 6, 2012
USA Hot Finds
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WWII Hot Finds
 am home from my big trip to the midwest and looking forward to settling back into the family routine.  I apologize for getting this issue out extremely late in the day but hopefully you can still use it to find some great picks.
United States Auctions Climbing the Charts

Hand picked auctions from the USA subcategory of eBay.

cavalrysword vestlarge scrapbook fightingknife
Big German Auctions Front & Center
These German auctions cover a wide range of items and you can probably tell which ones are the heavy hitters.
  flightglovesgermanskullstampseal leatherovercoat
Top Picks From Around the World
I made room in this block for some neat British pieces to go along with a heavy dose of Japanese items up for bids.

 dressdaggersovietmedal commandoknifejapanesebinoculars  

The rest of the summer looks pretty slow for me.  We have about 3 weeks left before school starts back so I am going to lay low and enjoy it.  I hope you are also having a good summer even if you don't have a couple of kids to entertain like I do.

Happy Hunting,
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