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  JULY 23, 2012
USA Hot Finds


US M-1 Helmet w/Hawley Liner


 US Army Air Force Parachute


M1911 1911 A1 parts WWII Era Colt Barrel


M1938 Army Air Corps Field Grade Blue Hat
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WWII Hot Finds
I am on the road today headed up to Michigan.  But I didn't leave town before preparing a great WWII Hot Finds Newsletter for the readers.  So click on these and enjoy some of the best live auctions I could find ending in the next few days.
Top Selling United States Auctions in WWII

Because I am also a Scouting collector I really like the Norman Rockwell that I included today.  If posters are not your thing then check out the other big listings that I spotted.

camouflage   14kgrip   kabar(2)   deathplaque 

German Top Picks In the WWII Category of eBay
My dad was in the Air Force but I have always been fascinated with big boats like the German Battleship included here.  My favorite is the USS Yorktown that is a floating museum down in Charleston, SC.
britishhelmet backpackradio  hitlerbottle  bigeye
Top Picks From Other Categories
I came back to feature more Japanese items today after going light on them the last few weeks.  Who doesn't want a samurai sword to hang over your mantle? Cool! 

 katanasword  battledress  Japanesejamd   cockpitclock    

I have been thinking about expanding these Hot Finds sites to go after another type of military collectibles.  Maybe there should be a Civil War Hot Finds or a Modern Military Hot Finds?  You are a loyal ready so what do you think?  Any preferences - no sense in building something if nobody is going to follow it!  :)

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC


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