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  JULY 23, 2012
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WWII Hot Finds
I usually serve up a light dish of auctions on a Monday morning but since I missed sending an email out last week I figured the readers deserved a fully loaded issue.  So here are what I think are among the best 50 or so auctions live in WWII on eBay.
Top Selling United States Auctions in WWII

First up today are some great American pieces listed in WWII on eBay.  Flying helmets, diving knifes and pilot goggles to name a few.  My favorite is that great politically incorrect insignia patch 

   clock(6) manual flyingindian flyingtigers
German Top Picks In the WWII Category of eBay

German collectors here is your daily dose of great auctions from eBay.  I looked long and hard and turned up these nearly a dozen listings that I think are worth a look see. 

  parachutebag sawback luger 10X50binoculars
Top Picks From Other Categories
I put a good mix of listings in this block from all over the globe.  You can find Canadian, French, Russian and many more represented here.  All of these have bids and are tops in their class.

OrderofLennin  badges  arisakarifle  sykesknife
I am headed up to Michigan this week for a Boy Scout collectibles show.  Yes I am a die hard Scout collector in case you didn't know.  So send me an email with pictures of all that stuff you've been sitting on. :)  I know some of you are good diggers and turn up all kinds of pieces from estate sales and other contacts. In fact let me take this opportunity to thank one of my readers - Donald - for a very successful deal.  He turned up some old camp patches from Virginia and I was able to get those from him just this week.  Many thanks!!

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC


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