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  JULY 19, 2012
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WWII Hot Finds
Regular readers - even your Hot Finds editor does go on vacation some days.  I missed sending out the Monday issue thanks to a trip to the beach but the best military auctions on eBay are back today with a fully loaded issue of the WWII Hot Find Newsletter.
Top Selling United States Auctions in WWII
I found lots of listings that have some ties to aviation for today's top picks in USA.  The Norden Bombsight it always a top seller when it shows up for auction.  For those of you who don't appreciate the fly boys there are several other listings here for those who did their fighting on the ground.
Binocular 101 Jacket helmet training yrbook
German Top Picks In the WWII Category of eBay
I could be accused of going a little overboard in today's issue when it comes to binoculars.  But how could I pass over these picks when they are among the highest selling items in the category.  So to make amends I put more German auctions in the bottom left nav bar - a German bonus today!

german binoculars luger holster camo smock orig helmet

Top Picks From Other Categories
I have been trying to feature a few more British and Canadian items in this block so hopefully that will make some of you happy.  Oh sure I've still got some Russian and Japanese items but really its all good stuff.
sykes knife submarine radar survorov canada uniform
I heard from a few of you wondering when my summer vacation from blogging was going to end.  I have a few rough drafts of new blog posts that just need a little proofing before I send them out.  One thing that has slowed me down is I started getting away from the really short posts that just have a Top 5 list.  My goal was to write posts that had a little more historical weight behind them and of course that takes a little more time to develop.  So perhaps when I get through this summer hiatus I can find a happy middle ground and put out 1 -2 posts each week.  Cheers!

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC