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JUNE 25, 2012
WWII Hot Finds
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Its getting hot down here as June rolls on in the deep south.  You might have noticed that eBay auctions in the WWII category are also heating up as a big listing special from last week results in thousands of items closing tomorrow.  Trust me this was an easy newsletter to write with so many great military collectibles to choose from.
United States WWII Vintage Auctions Live
With a listing price special making it free to launch auctions a week ago many sellers went crazy trying to move inventory.  That's the benefit you get from these Hot Finds Newsletters though.  I sift through all the listings to pull you together a list of the best ones to click on.
More American Auctions Ending Soon
All of the listings in today's issue are ending in less than 72 hours on eBay.  However, most of them are wrapping up Tuesday thanks to eBay's freebie to sellers.
I am enjoying some time at the beach with family and waiting on Tropical Storm Debbie to make her way up the coast.  My daughter has already picked out the movie we are going to go see the day that all that ran comes our way.  I hope you are enjoying the summer too!

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC