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MAY 31, 2012
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June is just around the corner and it will be interesting to see if the category takes much of a summer vacation or not.  It doesn't look like that's quite the case so far as I had no problem finding good quality live auctions to include in today's issue of the WWII Hot Finds Newsletter.
United States Top Auctions Live Now
It might be a little overkill to have two similar eBay auctions included here but when the flight masks are that good I couldn't just leave one of them out could I?
German Listings Selling for Big Bucks!
I promise that the two pairs of German binoculars included here are not the same identical listing.  They are close but both are unique.  The lead off auction is for a photo but man you ought to see that train!
binocularsgerman uniformbinoculars2PRE WAR 2 (1937) GERMAN POLICE SHAKO
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WWII Auctions In Every Language
I laid back on some of the regular pieces you see in this final block and instead tried to pick some new comers.  There is a heavy dose of British picks along with some of the familiar countries represented here.
I know you are asking what happened to the blog.  I'm actually working up a new concept for posts on the blog that involve doing more research rather then the this posts that I have created recently.  I'll share links when everything goes live.

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