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  MAY 17, 2012
USA Top Picks
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WWII Hot Finds
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If you are a military collector then this is the newsletter for you.  Check out these hand picked live auctions from dozens of eBay sellers. 
Big United States Pieces Up For Auction
A jeep to start you off with - really!  There are plenty of other good picks in this USA only block including helmets and a nice scrap book.
German Auctions Hanging In There
You are now starting to see the effects of the eBay listing special that ran all last week.  There a dozen more auctions I could have included from Germany in this block if I had more room.
Best Auctions From Around the Category
You can tell by the listing titles and images below that these are some heavy hitters.  Click on any of the auctions here to see the best WWII items from different countries like Japan, Great Britain and Russia.
I don't have a top 10 list for you this week as I've had some shuffling in my schedule.  I hope that next week I will be back on track.  In the mean time I expect to grow out the Monday issue a little and I want to say I appreciate all of you that shared your feedback with me.

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC