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MAY 10, 2012
USA Hot Finds
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WWII Hot Finds
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I have another dose of live auctions in the WWII category of eBay for you to click on and investigate. I've already looked at every one of these and personally given them my stamp of approval by including in today's issue.
Best Auctions in the USA Category of WWII
It looks like a good day for American collectors with lots of great listings ending soon.  Who doesn't want a flight jacket full of patches? Maybe you would rather take a look at those great binoculars.
Fresh German Top Picks in WWII on eBay
Collectors and dealers are always trying to turn over their inventory and turn great pieces into cash.  There really is no market quite like eBay and these auctions prove that when it comes to German listings they are popular.
Brand New Posts - WWII Category Analysis


WWII Auctions From Around the Globe
There are some good looking medals in this last block that tries to catch up with some of the smaller subcategories in WWII on eBay.
I am trying a little experiment today and am publishing the Top 10 list separate from the video that I usually make.  The video is not going away!  I just want to move it over to Monday and give it a little more of a chance to shine on its own.

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC