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APRIL 23, 2012
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Welcome to another issue of the WWII Hot Finds.  The premise here is pretty simple.  I'm not touting my own auctions but instead am providing a service by putting dozens of the best live auctions that are getting bids into one click-able newsletter.  Every text and image will take you to the live listing so have fun!
Live WWII Auctions in the USA Category
Every Monday morning I bring you a full issue of the Hot Finds dedicated to the largest category WWII on eBay.  Try for example these great jackets, knives, and insignia to see if I was able to pick some good ones today.
More Great USA Auctions Live in WWII
The category is chugging right along this week with more great pieces included in this block.  All of these listings are ending in the next 72 hours which makes them perfect for getting a peek at as they wind down.
I just want to give you the link again for last week's Top 10 countdown of the best selling items in the category.  The video can also be found on my website and I hope you will take the 2-3 minutes to watch it.

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC