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  APRIL 12, 2012
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WWII Hot Finds
Today's issue of the World War II Hot Finds Newsletter should give you a few minutes to click around and explore some great military collectibles that are live on eBay.  I hand picked each one of these from dozens of sellers so you be sure they are top of the class.
American Auctions Getting Bids Ending Soon
Even with all the USA auctions that are stuffed into the Monday version of this newsletter there is plenty more to highlight here.  All of these listings are live auctions with bids that are ending in the next 72 hours on eBay.
Great German Gear Available If The Price Is..
Up for bids today is a number of nice German specialty items.  Just take a look at those pictures and you can see its a run of equipment that is carrying the day.
World War II Auctions From Every Nation
As usual this final block runs around the globe to identify auctions that are deserving of your time.  While they may represent many countries if you are a niche collector then some of these might fit into your specialized field.
I was a little slow in blogging this week thanks to Easter break and having the kids home.  I'll be sure to get some fresh posts up soon.  The Top 10 countdown and video will be posted later today so if you want to remember to check the blog at WWIIHotFinds.com you can find it there.  Have a great weekend!

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC