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  APRIL 2, 2012
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I celebrated a birthday yesterday (no joke!) and still made time to sit down and write up a quick version of the WWII Hot Finds.  I hope this email newsletter will help you get a good start to your week and see some auctions that are ending soon on eBay.
United States Auctions Worth A Peek
There are some pretty unusual items here that are soaking up bids like a sponge.  I think either of the helmets pictured below would look good in your collection!
More of Uncle Sam's Favorites
If the Coca-Cola posters are not your thing then I think there is a good chance that another collector will swoop in to pick those up.  I'm liking the 517 patch myself.
In case you missed the link in my Thursday email be sure to view the Top 10 post on my blog site.  I researched the category and pulled the top sellers into one simple post and even posted a matching video.  The video has a new format that I think is much more professional.  That's probably true since I'm paying a company in CA to do it instead of my own homemade versions. :)

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC