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  MARCH 29, 2012
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I finally went a whole week with posting numerous blog posts to my website.  You can read Top 5 lists from Italy, Great Britain and Germany below.  Of course the main bulk of this Hot Finds is devoted to showing you some of the best live auctions on eBay that were hand picked based on their price and bidding action.
Best American Auctions Getting Bids Galore
When you start at the top of the USA subcategory and work your way down from the top its amazing how deep the quality runs.  All of the listings included in this email are ending in the next 72-96 hours on eBay.
Top German Auctions - Live Ending Soon
Every week that I write the Hot Finds I am amazed at what turns up in this category.  You can tell that a lot of collections are being put back into the market when you see this kind of stuff hitting the site.
Brand New Posts - WWII Category Analysis


Uniforms & Top Picks From All Over
I tried to pick a focus for this block that attempts to stick with a theme.  With some great uniforms running live in the category I was able to pick some keepers.
I have some tweeks to the new format to the Top 10 video that I think will make it even better.  I've got it loaded in below and of course the list of all of these items is on my blog website

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC

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