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MARCH 22, 2012
USA Hot Finds
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WWII Hot Finds
I am working with a company in CA to develop a better looking Top 10 video so I don't have one ready for you today.  Hopefully the Top 10 (new & improved) will be in the next issue.  So that just means more room for great live auctions in the WWII category of eBay.
Great USA Auctions in the WWII Category
I honestly think that sellers who spend a little time on photography and making a nice image are going to have better results.  Check out that helmet below on the mannequin.  Is anybody else wondering what comes in a Catholic Chaplain Field Kit?
German Auctions Climbing To New Heights
There are some interesting listings in this all German block of the newsletter.  I've always thought the Panzer was one of the best names for a tank so I've been watching the headset closely.
Auctions From Around The World
Well we have hit America and Germany pretty hard so now its time to jump around the category and play catch up.  From Japan to Russia to some other lesser known actors in the war this block has some highlights.
I'm holding off on the Top 10 list until the video is ready.  This might be a good time for me to mention that you can also subscribe to the blog whereby when new items are posted you will get an email alerting you.  I've got easy instructions for how to do that at this link.  If you sign up you will get a once/day email alerting you when a new post is on the blog.  Since the Top 10 list and video will likely be ready later today this will be a great way for you to get that even though it wasn't ready for this email newsletter.

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
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