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MARCH 12, 2012
WWII Hot Finds
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I hope you won't mind getting an issue of the Hot Finds that is full of the best USA items ending soon on eBay.  The United States category in WWII is so full of great listings that I find I can build a mini version of the newsletter just around it.  The same rules apply though - all of these auctions have bids and are ending soon.
Great American eBay Auctions Live w/Bids
Check out these flight jackets and other great American items from World War II and you won't be sorry.  You can find a little of everything in here including binoculars and a paratrooper helmet.
American WWII Auctions Ending Soon
The hits just keep coming with these big auctions from the United States subcategory.  Check out the pair of nearly matching fighting knives down there - sweet!
I have been working on some new blog posts for WWIIHotFinds.com and I will start posting them tomorrow.  I'm returning to the popular Top 5 format to report on some great closed listings. You can always subscribe to the blog posts by clicking here.

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC