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  MARCH 8, 2012
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So what is a Hot Find?  With over 25 thousand live auctions in the WWII category of eBay I see a Hot Find as something that is in the top 1%.  These are listings that have bids which means they are priced to move - and those prices are in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  So every week I spend several hours scouring the category for the best auctions and include about 40-50 of those right here.  Enjoy!
Great American Auctions Ending Soon
I think any of these listings fit the definition of a Hot Find.  If you want to see any of them live just click the text link or the image link for those on the bottom row and you can see where they are in bidding and how long before they close.
Top German Auctions in WWII on eBay
If you collect German items from the war then this block is the place for you.  I've got eleven superb listings that are doing really well and are worth a quick look.
Brand New Posts - WWII Category Analysis


Going International For Great Pieces
I am sometimes asked how I got all these items.  Wait!  I'm not selling these myself, I'm suggesting you look at the auctions of dozens of different sellers with an unbiased category level report.  These picks below are from Japan, Great Britain, Russia and more.
Every week I research closed listings and come up with a Top 10 countdown.  I then put that list to music and make a short video that runs through the best selling items in the category.  You can press play on the video below and watch it here or use the link here to see the actual list with an option to watch the video on the blog.

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC
Top 10
WWII Hot Finds The Best Military Collectibles Top 10 Episode 14
WWII Hot Finds The Best Military Collectibles Top 10 Episode 14
Watch the Top 10 Video Here Inside the eMail or on WWIIHotFinds.com