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  MARCH 5, 2012
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Monday is here and I hope that this newsletter helps distract you from real work for a few minutes.  I've searched the USA category of eBay WWII for a couple of hours and these are the best auctions by my opinion that have bids and are ending in the next few days.
Big United States Auctions Ending Soon
There is a nice mix of classic WWII auctions in this top block.  I think the uniform of a Major General deserves a quick look even if that's not your thing.
More Great USA Auctions In This Issue
The simple idea behind this Monday morning email is that there is so much good USA pieces getting bids on eBay that it can support its own issue.  These listings are proof of that theory in my book.
I'm always looking for help getting the word out about my collector's newsletter.  I invite you to share it with a friend if you enjoy getting it.  Likewise, I'm also looking for other successful eBay sellers to partner with so if that is you email me for an advertising offer you can't beat.

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC