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  FEBRUARY 27, 2012
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The WWII Hot Finds is back again bringing you a great batch of auctions that are all live on eBay and ending soon.  All of these have been hand selected for this issue based on their bids and price.  Have fun clicking through to see the details on these great pieces.
American Auctions Heating Up on eBay
Don't you just love some of the names that get included in auction titles.  How about this pick "flaming bomb" that just makes you want to look doesn't it?
More Great USA Auctions Up For Bids
Doesn't everybody need a pigsticker knife in their collection?  If not that one maybe some of these other picks will be of interest to you..
I hope you have a good week.  If anybody has fliers for military shows that they would like me to include in my upcoming emails just send me the PDF or word file.  I'd be glad to post it online and include a link in the newsletter.

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC