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  JANUARY 30, 2012
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If you have taken a look at the WWII category on eBay this week you will have noticed that its swollen with auctions thanks to a listing special from eBay.  This email newsletter helps you cut through the cluttered field and see the best listings that have bids and are going to sell.  I hope this email helps you find some good ones whether you are a window shopper or a buyer.
USA Pieces Getting Bids & Ending Soon
There are some great listings included here that are definitely worth a closer look.  Click any of the text or picture links to see the listings live on eBay.
The Clock Is Ticking On These Picks
Jackets, helmets and blades - what more could a die hard military collector want?  Enjoy checking out these hand picked listings ending in the next 72 hours.
I will be busy on the blog this week so be sure to check out WWIIHotFinds.com for the latest posts and category analysis.  Thanks for reading the newsletter.

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC