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JANUARY 23, 2012
WWII Hot Finds
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I got this issue out a little later in the day then I normally do but that should be ok.  You still have time to find out what are some of the top military items up for bids in the WWII category of eBay.
Big USA Auctions Getting Lots of Bids
A 101st Airborne jacket is among the many great picks in this lead off block of today's issue.  Every one of these auctions is live and climbing the ranks on eBay.
More Great WWII Auctions Ending Soon
Plenty of collectors like helmets and the two pictured below will fit into many collections.  I don't know if you could crank up the generator or not but maybe it would be just right for a display regardless.
Brand New Posts - WWII Category Analysis


I hope you clicked on the Top 10 post above because it features a run down of last weeks best listings.  Considering that the top seller was over $6,000 that is worth a look.  There is also a short YouTube video that goes along with it.

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC