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  JANUARY 16, 2012
WWII Hot Finds
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I know today is a holiday for many people in the states but if it's a Monday I've gotta stay on schedule and send out the Hot Finds.  Its not like eBay is going to take a break for a 3-day weekend.  The great American items I've got in this junior edition are all ending in the next 72 hours.  I've also got the link in here to the Top 10 blog post and video that was absent last week.
Great USA Auctions Ending Mon-Weds
I know that there are loyal readers who are not interested in USA items but when you weigh the numbers you will see that there is just so much in Uncle Sam's subcategory that I can build an entire issue around it.
Brand New Posts - WWII Category Analysis


Wrapping Up the Issue With These Picks
Its not hard to hand pick great eBay listings in the WWII category.  It takes some time to build the newsletter but the sellers are always restocking the site with fresh pieces.
If you ever see me get tricked by a known faker (as I like to call them) please email me so I can try and keep them out of the newsletter.  I had a heads up from one of my readers (Thanks Fern!) that one slipped through last week. I hope you enjoy your holiday today and I'll see you again Thursday. 

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC