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JANUARY 12, 2012
USA Hot Finds
WWII Hot Findss
I have a few things missing from this issue of the WWII Hot Finds but I don't think you will be too disappointed.  The core piece of the puzzle is still here and that's my unbiased accounting of what I think are the best live auctions in the WWII category of eBay.
Picking The Best USA Auctions Live eBay
I've always thought that that ship training set would be a great toy if you were a kid growing up during this era.  What boy wouldn't want a set of battleships and destroyers to set act out naval maneuvers?
Great German Auctions Getting Bids
What more could a true collector of German WWII pieces want?  I've found binoculars, uniforms, helmets and the proto-German Luger holster.
I am a day behind on my publishing schedule and so that explains why you don't see a link here to the Top 10 list and video.  However, I will be working on both of those Thursday morning and I hope to publish them by lunchtime on the East coast.  This is a good time to remind you to bookmark the blog site at WWIIHotFinds.com for all my content.

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
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