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JANUARY 9, 2012
WWII Hot Finds
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I hope this quick and dirty version of the Hot Finds will get your week started off right.  Its a good diversion from doing what you should do on Monday morning to take a quick look at some great eBay auctions that are ending in the next 72 hours.
Uncle Sam's Favorite Auctions Up Today
This issue of the Hot Finds just features items from the USA subcategory.  Even with that qualification there is no shortage of of great listings to include.  All of these are going to sell (have bids) and are ending soon.
More United States Collectibles
I wore a Hamilton watch for years so I'm kinda partial to the one featured here.  I'm also a patch hound so I like the old insignia.
I will be back to work this week blogging and writing another big Thursday newsletter.  Somewhere in there I'll also find time to slap together another Top 10 video featuring the best items that sold last week in the category.  If you have a suggestion for the background music genre send me it via email.  Last week's video was a bit of funk so I'm open to trying something new this week.

Happy Hunting,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC