SAVE OUR ECONOMY RALLY    Wednesday, April 15th 2009
 Columbia, South Carolina

  Featured Speakers; 
  Neal Boortz            Mike Huckabee     AND OTHERS !!
    NEAL BOORTZ                MIKE HUCKABEE

  SCFairTax.Org and AFFT (Americans For Fair Taxation)will Co-Host this event to promote the FairTax concept nationally and to introduce the SC FairTax Act which we plan to introduce in the legislature this year
    The rally will be held at the Township Auditorium, 1703 Taylor St., Columbia, SC 29201 on April 15th, 2009.  The doors will open at 4:30, with the event starting at 5:30 and will conclude by 7:00 PM.
The event will highlight presentations by Gov. Mike Huckabee and talk show host Neal Boortz, with other national and state dignitaries that will be announced as their schedules are confirmed. This rally is scheduled to coincide with the Legislative session and is intended to send a strong and clear signal to all SC Legislators that the citizens of South Carolina demand true tax reform in the form of new FairTax legislation, not just minor tinkering with the current convoluted and illogical accumulation of laws and regulations
    Fund raising is underway to generate enough money to air four weeks of radio broadcasts prior to the event.  Options for other media are being explored as well.
Please mark your calendars now to make the trip to Columbia.  We need volunteers to be transportation coordinators for those wanting to carpool or, if there are enough from any given city, obtain a bus for transportation to and from the Rally.  Parking is somewhat limited at the Auditorium, so shuttle service will be provided to and from off site parking.  Volunteers will also be needed for collecting donations for promotional items, decorating, refreshments for our featured speakers, phone calls, letters and talk show calls to promote the rally.
   This event will be the biggest single effort ever to build our base in the Columbia area so that we may effectively shepherd the SC FairTax Act through the Legislative process.  Now is the time for all FairTax supports in South Carolina to put forth renewed financial support and any time they can contribute to make this a huge success.  Please let me know how you feel you may best help.
Concurrently, our leaders are asking FairTax supporters in each media market that can't make the trip to Columbia to give a couple of hours on April 15th to hold a rally at a post office in their market.  Local leaders will identify the Post Office for the rally, obtain permits where necessary, and distribute signs for the rally.  Specific details will be provided as soon as they are confirmed.


    This Could Be THE Event That Starts A Fair Tax Wild Fire All Across The Country!! 

WE MUST GET THE WORD OUT and We Need Your Help!! 
   We need contributions for a radio ad campaign on Columbia's premier talk station, WVOC.  We can purchase 60 second ads on the Rush Limbaugh show for $75.  The same ad on the popular 3-6 drive-time Kevin Cohen show go for $30.

Our goal is to raise $3800 for a 4-week ad campaign.  The purpose of the ads is to draw more than 2000 supporters to the Rally, gain new supporters and get the attention of state legislators who will be considering the state FairTax bill being crafted by state Sen. Larry Grooms.

As of this Newsletter, we have raised 1/4 or our goal.   Please forward this on to your friends, family, Co-workers, and anyone else who cares about the future of our country!     I encourage each of you to visit and make a contribution of $5 or more.   EVERY contribution will help!  

   Or CLICK HERE --> Pay Pal Image

If you prefer to write a check, please make it out to SCFairTax, Inc. care of our State Director Jack Jackson, 115 Sommet Blvd, Summerville, SC 29483.    If we exceed our goal, we will run ads to promote local Post Office Rallies in other parts of the state.

Now is the time for each of us to step up and take the lead in getting the FairTax passed!

Jack Jackson

America land of liberty

 Although this was the Dorchester County Republican Breakfast - There were Many Legislators in attendance from EVERY corner of the state,  and the Fair Tax supporters in attendance made a loud and obvious statement to all of them!    WE ARE MAKING INCREDIBLE PROGRESS !!

Thanks to all the FairTax Volunteers that showed up at the Lowcountry Republican Breakfast Saturday morning at Kelly's BBQ in Ladson.  There were a lot of white FairTax Shirts throughout the audience, and many more sporting FairTax stickers.  We gave out dozens of bumper stickers and fact cards, and spoke with many attendees about the FairTax.
For those who were unable to make the event, there were a few developments of note.  Republican National Committeeman Glen McCall accepted my invitation to appear at the April 15th rally

He also stated that the FairTax would be an issue that the Republican Party could use to establish itself as leading with solutions to help regain national prominence. 
Also at the meeting, Ms. Karen Floyd, and Mr. Kevin Hall, two of the three announced candidates for Chairman of the SC GOP told me that they supported the FairTax and would endorse it.   (ifelected, this would mean that the LEADER of the Republican Party in South Carolina would be a Fair Tax supporter). 
 Please continue to ask all three candidates for the SCGOP Chair about their position on the FairTax.  The public endorsement of the FairTax by our state GOP Chair candidates can really help move some those existing undecided Legislators off the fence and into our camp.
Sen. Larry Grooms, our Primary sponsor of the SC FairTax Act in the SC Senate has accepted our invitation to appear at the Rally on April 15th.  We will need volunteers to help set up and pack up at the rally as well as to coordinate various functions before and during the event.  Paid staff at the Township Auditorium will handle many functions, but we will need to help out.
Please contact your local FairTax leaders about travel plans to attend the Rally, and any time or other support that you can furnish.  Your help is appreciated.
Together, we will make the FairTax in SC a reality.
              Jack Jackson
              State Director
South Carolina FairTax Volunteers 
         115 Sommet Blvd
       Summerville SC 29483

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