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   ISSUE #15: 

JUNE 2009

Feedback on the Standards
Beta Test Update


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This is a very exciting time for PHAB. It is a time when the tremendous amount of work of the many volunteers on our workgroups and committees is coming together and we can begin to see the shape of the accreditation program. The Standards Development Workgroup is meeting in June to revise the standards, measures, and guidance for documentation. The Research and Evaluation Committee's June meeting focused on the development of a research agenda and an evaluation plan. And, this month, the PHAB Board of Directors will review the assessment process. Thank you to our many committed and hard working volunteers!
Kaye Bender, PhD, RN, FAAN
PHAB President & CEO

Almost 4,000 Comments on the Draft Standards and Measures!

The three-month process of review and comment on the standards, measures, and documentation guidance ended on May 7, 2009. PHAB received almost 4,000 individual comments, consisting of approximately 123 completed online surveys, about 35 paper surveys, and 29 groups vetting discussion forms. We also received more than a dozen narrative comments submitted in emails or letters. Many of the responses represented a group process, so a significantly larger number of public health stakeholders contributed through this process.
The Standards Development Workgroup will be carefully reviewing and discussing these comments and making changes to the standards, measures, and guidance for documentation. The revisions will be recommended to the PHAB Board for their review and adoption during their July meeting. The standards, measures, and guidance for documentation that the Board adopts will be used in PHAB's beta test.

Beta Test Update

Watch for the letter of invitation to be released in early July for health departments to apply to participate in the beta test. The objective of the beta test is to test the standards, measures, assessment process, and written support documents in order to identify areas for improvement, so that revisions to the accreditation program can be adopted prior to the official launch in 2011.
PHAB will ensure that the health departments selected for the beta test represent the broad array of health departments that exist across the country. PHAB is seeking to identify a variety of health departments relative to size, structure, population served, governance, geographic region, and degree of preparedness for accreditation. Therefore, the criteria that PHAB will use to choose the health departments for the beta test will be aimed at achieving that broad representation.