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October 2011 
Winery of the Year: Milagro Vineyards
    Milagro Winery Building

I've named Milagro the winery of the month before, but this is a new year and the current releases prove that once again. This is also the first Winery-of-the-Year I've ever given and it's not even Thanksgiving. From the Corrales White & Red blends to the Old Church Road Zinfandel and Chardonnay, every one is stamped with the Milagro motto; "handcrafted from vine to wine."


I recently taught two wine classes for Road Scholar at the MCM Eleganté, and the Milagro Corrales White and Corrales Red stole the show during the tasting. I knew going in that the wines would show well; that's why they were included. Since the blends are primarily comprised of the single varietal wines that have won multiple awards, it is easy to understand their popularity.


I recently opened a bottle of the Milagro 2009 Old Church Road Milagro 2009 Old Church Select ChardonnaySelect Chardonnay; as the name suggests, a hand-selected version of the always popular Milagro Chardonnay. The creamy notes of a sur-lie driven wine boast layers of refined fruit and an elegance one normally expects from a Montrachet. If this wine doesn't knock your socks off, you must not be wearing any.


Then there's the long line of Cabernet Franc wines that display an Old World refinement within a New World cloak. Ripe fruit and fine structure meet forest floor and earthy notes and a depth of flavors that has me coming back year after year. The 2009 Cabernet Franc will be released this winter and I'll be at the front of the line . . . no shoving!


Milagro MerlotThe Milagro Merlot wines were the first ones I tried and immediately took notice. It is a consistently popular wine and can also be found in some of the best Albuquerque area restaurants. A library release of the 2006 Milagro Merlot is scheduled for release and tasting on November 19 & 20. This wine was aged an extra two years in oak and since there are only ten cases available you can bet who'll be at the head of that line, too.


Zinfandel is another variety at which Milagro excels, from the 2009 Zinfandel to the 2008 Old Church Road Select Zinfandel; these are wines that marry refinement with exuberance like nobody else. The 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon is another popular wine, but it gets better. Milagro will be unveiling the new 2008 Franklin Vineyard Red Cuvee; a Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot on December 10 & 11.


There are other tastings and events one can learn from the Milagro website, which has been updated and refined as well. For my money, this is the best winery in New Mexico for still wines. (I think Gruet has asked Rick to please not to get into the sparkling wine business, but that's only a rumor.) If you haven't tried Milagro before, you are in for a rare treat. Salud!



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From Jim's Blog:

Bold Commentaries: Fall Food Favorites from
Sept 20, 2011 show


This Bold Foods with Bold Wines show had two of Jane Butel's great recipes for pork and trout. You can check out the how-to of these recipes on Blogtalkradio.com. Enter Jane Butel or Bold Foods with Bold Wines into the search field. The On Demand column lists past shows. Click on show all to find the date in question; 9/20/11 in this case. Recipes on the show included Chorizo Stuffed, Jalapeno Glazed Pork Loin Roast and Grilled Stuffed Trout with Lime-Pecan-Green Chile Stuffing.

St. Supery Winery: Distinctive Wines & Great Touring

St. Supery Winery and vineyards have an impressive presence along highway 29, the main road through Napa wine country. Owned by the famed Skalli family, the Napa holdings get the same attention to detail and innovation as their Languedoc vineyards. I met Lesley Keffer Russell, the VP of Direct Marketing & Sales at reception and we immediately began talking wine. Her enthusiasm for the winery was quickly evident as we toured the facility before entering the Divine tasting room, which, in fact was divine.

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Jim Recently completed two successful classes for Road Scholar with a total of 70 attendees. The next Road Scholar will occur during the Xmas holidays, check the website for the date, which has not been set yet. He'll also be wine tasting in Hawaii, finding the best wine buys for anyone that makes it to the lovely Garden Isle; Kauai. Stay tuned!

 Jim is often in demand as a professional speaker and wine expert due to his knowledge and his style.  His wine selections ensure a memorable event and he delights his listeners when he describes his experiences and insights on a wide range of topics and wine regions.  If your organization is interested in learning more about wine and how to talk about wine like an expert, please contact us at  505-899-8578 or  email 

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Winery of the Year: Milagro Vineyards
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