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February 2012
Based on my experience treating personal injury and chronic pain cases, the most effective techniques that produce positive outcomes for clients presenting with stubborn problems, like plantarfasciitis or carpal tunnel, for example, is a simple approach, a method of softening, lengthening, and relaxing, or balancing the relevant soft tissue, usually increasing range of motion, and relieving pain.

Occasionally a client will bring in their physician's diagnosis and X-rays, asking for my opinion, not being aware that diagnosis is beyond my scope of practice.

Their lengthy esoteric diagnosis for low back pain, for example, that could have just as well been written in a foreign language, for many clients, dashes their hopes of ever living a symptom free life again, making it difficult for them to believe that relief could possibly be achieved simply by treating several crucial muscles contributing to the pain, or simply by resolving muscular imbalance on either side of the spine.

To my way of thinking, a simple structural solution, a treatment easy to explain, that makes sense to my clients, and one that has, in most case, been effective, is usually the best choice for a positive outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Low Back Pain
Neck Pain

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do you treat headaches? Some headaches can be symptomatic of a serious condition, and if they persist should be checked-out by your doctor. Many however, are tension related and can be resolved quickly by treating the soft tissue in the neck and upper shoulders.

  2. What are your most difficult cases? It depends on the individual. One client with carpal tunnel, for example, will have a good outcome quickly, and the next case will take several sessions, and may not resolve 100% because everyone responds differently.  

  3. Do you schedule sessions less than an hour? Yes. My goal is to achieve symptom free status for my clients as quickly as possible, and when that is attained in less than an hour, there's no need to prolong the session.  

Headache 10

One of my first success stories shortly after starting my bodyworking career 15 years ago, was helping free a client of her migraine headaches. What a rush, I was just out of school with a certification in Deep Tissue Sports Massage, inexperienced, without confidence, fearful, and just starting to take advanced training in clinical bodywork for treating soft tissue pain.

I didn't have a clue then how her migraines were resolved, except that I remember loosening muscles in her neck and upper shoulders with the only basic massage strokes I knew at the time.

Since then, through years of bodywork training and experience, I have discovered and come to believe in the healing power of touch, coupled with attention and intention, a potent treatment tailored to my client's specific needs, simple and effective.



Low Back Pain
Low Back Pain

Most clients presenting with low back pain are usually easy to spot, not only by their slow shuffle, typically with one shoulder  higher than the other because the ilium (pelvis) on the same side is tilted forward, producing a torsion of the spine and a distorted sacrum, causing muscle imbalance and pain.

Treatment consists of lengthening relevant soft tissue, bringing the pelvis back into balance and the shoulder down to a level position. By restructuring deep tissue, old patterns in alignment are released, and postural balance is restored.

Cervical Stretch 2

Neck Pain 


...can be as debilitating as low back pain, especially when range of motion is severely limited, upsetting delicate integral balance of our body's functions, and most everyday activities are restricted.

Softening and moving pertinent fascia, and lengthening the soft tissue with a compression and stretch technique, is a simple and conservative first step approach that does, in most cases, mitigate pain and restores range of motion.  


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On Simplicity 


""Life is not complex. We are complex. Life is simple, and the simple thing is the right thing." - Oscar Wilde

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