Treating Chronic Pain  


November 2011
The longer I treat chronic pain clients with modalities designed to relieve and eliminate their symptoms, the more I realize that certain stubborn cases require more than a conventional structural approach to achieve a positive outcome. Some clients with similar symptoms get better quickly and others actually resist a positive outcome.

The variety of structural techniques I use are, in most cases, effective. Difficult cases where the condition will only partially resolve, even after several sessions, are the exception, as though there is an energy holding pattern, resistant to conventional structural bodywork.

In several stubborn cases of frozen shoulder and neck pain, for example, many of my clients have responded favorably to adjunctive energy treatment, improving range of motion and eliminating pain in the most difficult cases, beyond what was accomplished with simple structural bodywork.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Quick Release Technique
Zero Balancing
Breath Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are special powers or talents required to treat clients with energy? No, we all have the capability to work with energy,  clearing our minds, becoming present, and opening the channel to our universal energy source, are requirements that can be practiced.

  2. How do you use energy in your treatment of difficult cases? I use Zero Balancing, SET's Quick Release Technique, and Energetic Breath Work as adjunctive modalities, however, several of my clients visit regularly for Zero Balancing sessions.

  3. What type of conditions or symptoms respond favorably to energy work? Some stubborn problems that only partially resolve with conventional structural techniques, like a frozen shoulder, for example, that only improves to 75% of full range of motion, refusing to release completely, frequently responds well to Zero Balancing.  

ZB Occipital Release
Quick ReleaseTechnique (QRT)

...developed by Don McCann, founder of Structural Energetic Therapy (SET), initiates relaxation, releases restrictions and blockages by reestablishing normal energy flow throughout the head, neck, and shoulders. Depending on a clients condition and his or her reaction to the mobilization of blocked energy, the QRT session normally takes only about ten minutes, or it can develop into a full-lengh powerful healing session.

A series of 5-7 acupressure points are stimulated in a sequence of logical energy flow through the meridians of the head, neck, and shoulder, based on the theories found in acupressure, facilitating the re-opening of the pathways and flow of energy.


Zero Balancing
Zero Balancing (ZB)

An innovative body-mind system of hands-on therapy which was developed in the 70s by Fritz Smith, MD and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, balances the relationship of energy and structure within the bones and tissues of our body. ZB practitioners use comfortable acupressure and gentle traction to engage body structure and body energy, which promotes a quieting and centering of body/mind.

Clients experience deep relaxation, internal organization, improved function, stress relief, a sense of connection, peace and happiness, and an increased capacity for enjoyment.

Recommended for people suffering stress-related symptoms from a variety of situations, divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of a job, failed relationship ,health problems, home relocation, job change, or also for physically fit people who wish to maintain their optimal health on a journey of self-discovery and self-actualization.

Ken Youngberg is a certified Zero Balancing practitioner and a member of the Zero Balancing Health Association.

Breath Therapy - For thousands of years spiritual seekers, mystics and yogis have realized the innate spiritual quality of the breath, have used the powers of breath to transform consciousness, facilitating altered states of awareness and profound healing.


Breath therapy allows us to release both physical and emotional trauma, producing a profound effect on our health, oxygenating our blood and releasing subconscious blockages, making it difficult for virus' and bacteria to grow, and helping to eliminate waste by-products.


SET's Emotional Energy Release breathing protocol takes the client through three distinct phases to charge, discharge, and integrate the energy from their system, oftentimes leading to a profound sense of relaxation and personal discovery.  




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Receive a complimentary Zero Balancing session for every client you refer.   

Our Healing Power


"There is a spark of divinity within us, like one that ignites a candle flame illuminating a room, a healing light that infuses all of our cells, tissues, and organs, a robust healing power, active and vital that knows no bounds, continuously working within us. It is part of who we are."

Author unknown

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