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February 2011

Since moving into our Minnetonka condo nine months ago I have forgotten how to mow grass, rake leaves, and shovel snow, among other chores, freeing up chunks of more spare time to pursue other activities like biking, running, snow shoeing and cross country skiing.


If you are able, I trust you're enjoying our winter and all the snow as much as I am, cross country skiing up and down hills through silent woods, or creating my own snow shoe trails and occasionally sinking in up to my crotch, like falling into a sink hole, briefly stopping every so often to catch my wind, then pushing forward again, anticipating the reward, a hot shower and power drink when I return home.


If pain and or lack of motion is still limiting your daily activities, now's the time to discard it like a pair of old worn-out shoes by first starting to believe that it can be done, and then taking the action needed to make it happen. Fortunately, there are many effective alternative holistic therapies and activities available nowadays that can work for you.


It would also be prudent to get a physical exam from your doctor to rule out any pathology. 


There are two levels to your pain: the pain that you create now, and the pain from the past that still lives on in your mind and body.


The pain-body is an energy field, almost like an entity, that has become temporarily lodged in your inner space. It is life energy that has become trapped, energy that is no longer flowing.


The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle


In This Issue
Treating The Low Back
Treating The Neck
Treating The Shoulder
Treating Tendiniitis & Carpal Tunnel
Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Frequently Asked Questions:


1: Why do I occasionally experience involuntary body movements during a treatment?  It usually indicates a spill-off of energy into and through an area that has been restricted.


2: How can I maintain my pain free status?  I suggest you try working out regularly with a good personal trainer who is experienced in body structure, kinesiology, and understands how muscle imbalance affects our active lifestyles.


3: Do I have to endure periods of intense pain during treatments to achieve long-term improvements?  No. Many therapists still believe in the old adage, No Pain, No Gain. However, intense pain is counterproductive because it creates a reflex neuromuscular contractile response which reverses the desired process of softening and lengthening the tissue.

Treating The Low Back  
Spreading Ab Fascia
Spreading the fascia over the iliopsoas

One of the most satisfying parts of my job is helping clients, who shuffle into my office bent over in pain, walk out pain free. It's a blessing to see many accident victims, weekend athletes, couch potatos, failed surgeries, roofers, landscapers, bricklayers, and warehouse workers, who have been living with chronic low back pain for years, resume their normal activities symptom free. 


TreatingThe  Neck  

Releasing Occipitals 














Lengthening and softening the occipitals


For a thorough and long lasting treatment for neck pain, I start by stabilizing the pelvis and then lengthening the paraspinalis muscles that run along both sides of the spinal column.


Dysfunctional shoulder posture, a common occurance where the shoulders are thrust forward from muscle imbalance between the strong pectoralis major (chest) muscles and the weak upper back (rhomboids) are also balanced prior to working the neck.  



Treating The Shoulder


Lengthening the pectoralis major


Most clients with shoulder pain and limited range of motion present with rounded shoulders rolled forward, and in many cases with head and neck jutting forward too. After lengthening the pectorailis major and getting the shoulders back where they belong, muscle imbalance is reduced around the joint that is creating tension and pain.


Limited motion and activities as a result of the discomfort sometimes precipitates adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) which drastically restricts mobility. I use a gentle pain free passive movement technique that melts the hardened superglue fascia in the joint capsule and restores full range of motion, usually within 1-4 sessions.  




Treating Tendinitis & Carpal Tunnel
Carpal Tunnel Treatment

 Lengthening & relaxing the overworked flexors


Clients presenting with symptoms of carpal tunnel / nerve entrapment syndrome seem to be on the increase. Pain and or weakness in the wrist and forearm, finger and hand numbness / tingling, sleep interrupted by pain, lost gripping strength, and pain radiating down the arm, are some of the more obvious symptoms.


Repetitive use, poor posture, or incorrect body mechanics are the major contributors to tendinitis and carpal tunnel.


Most carpal tunnel problems are not in the tunnel; the cause is always upstream. By lengthening and softening the muscles in the neck, chest, shoulder, upper arm and mostly the flexor muscles of the forearm, motivated carpal tunnel clients can be symptom free in 1-2 treatments.  


Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Moving fascia surrounding the achilles tendon

Plantar fasciitis is an overuse condition of the lower leg causing inflammation and irritation of the plantar fascia. 

The fascia runs along the bottom of our feet to absorb shock from the weight of our body and maintains our longitudinal arch.
Pain is usually felt in the heel and can also radiate along the bottom surface of the foot. It's usually worse after we get out of bed in the morning.

Treatment consists of pelvic balancing and lengthening fascia and key muscles in the lower leg.



Becoming Symptom Free

It's diffiicult for us who are so deeply invested in our emotional and physical pain to believe it's possible to get better. The pain has become such an essential part of who we are, every attempt to heal is unconsciously resisted or sabotaged.
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