Happy Holidays 
November 2009 
Mainataining our weight during the holidays is a tall order for many of us, especially with all the opportunities for overeating this time of year. But, it is possible by increasing our physical activity and exercise before, during, and after the holidays. Getting rid of fat with exercise happens only when we attain 60-80% of our maximum heart rate. MHR=220-our age . When we workout at that rate our body releases a family of fat-burning compounds known as catecholamines that actually demolish our fat cells.
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Principles of Bodywork
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Frequently Asked Questions:

 1. Besides trying therapeutic bodywork and other types of treatment for my low back pain, what else can I do? First, I would get a thorough physical exam by my doctor to rule out any pathology. Doing some specific stretches and walking every day would be helpful, and if I were overweight, I would get serious about losing the extra baggage.
2. Does bodywork help with fibromyalgia?
Research indicates that therapeutic bodywork does provide relief by changing the levels of hormones--reducing cortisol and increasing serotonin, which affects stress and pain sensitivity, and also assists in removing waste from muscles, increases blood and nutrient flow, improves cell oxygenation, and adjusts our nervous systems to the relaxation mode. Bottom line: Most fibromyalgia clients enjoy improved sleep, and reduced pain, fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

3. Can your sessions relieve my osteoarthritis? Yes, however it depends on the individual case. Oftentimes rebalancing the adjacent soft tissue that is affecting the stressed joint facilitates a structural alignment resulting in eliminating further degeneration and pain.







 Principles of Bodywork 

In the forward to Job's Body by Deane Juhan, Dr. Ken Dychtwald articulates six principles of bodywork. His perspective confirms my personal experience and observations during the past 12 years in the business. His words express why I am so excited about my work.
  • There is no sensation or emotion that is not translated into a muscular response of some kind: These feeling states are the primary bases of our habitual postures and our individual patterns of behavior.
  • Various ancient and contemporary forms of bodywork go far beyond temporary pleasure or relief and actually alter conditioned responses, chemical balances, and structural relationships. Bodywork has the potential to deeply change and improve the given state of an individual.
  • Bodywork, by using tactile input, can actually re-educate and re-program the organism into becoming more coordinated, more flexible and more appropriately responsive--literally more intelligent. A body/mind system that is integrated in this fashion will be more able to resist depression or disease, and to attend to and repair itself in times of stress or injury.
  • Skillful therapeutic bodywork does alter the structure, the chemistry, the feelings and the behavior of a human being, and relieves discomfort, dysfunction, and anxiety.
  • Nothing is more essential to lasting positive change than self-awareness; it is the prerequisite for self-control. Bodywork is a direct and effective way to increase this awareness within an individual, releasing tension, freeing energy, and enhancing health through hands-on bodywork.
  • The most mysterious and powerful of all human interactions--touch. 



Did You Know...

the human brain consists of more than 100 billion neurons (nerve cells) through which the brain's commands are sent in the form of electic pulses? These pulses travel at more than 250 mph, creating enough electricity to power a light bulb. The brain consumes more energy than any other organ, and burns a whopping one fifth of the food we take in. 
   Headache Relief
Experts have found that most types of headaches respond favorably to therapeutic bodywork: The initial positive impact of bodywork is on the central nervous system. 
From there a wide range of responses takes place that includes all systems of the body. Blood vessels dilate, lymph material is removed, and muscles relax and lengthen. Joints increase their range of motion, hormonal responses are balanced, immune response increases, and blood pressure decreases.
Approximately 90% of all headaches are caused from tension and only 6% are migraines.
Recurring headaches may be a sign of underlying health problems or possible disease. Many people who suffer frequent headaches may be experiencing allergic reactions to foods such as wheat, chocolate, monosodium glutamate (MSG) or sulfites found in a wide variety of processed foods. Health problems such as bruxism (teeth grinding), hypertension, hypoglycemia, irritable bowel syndrome, spinal subluxation, and arthritis affecting the muscles, are possible situations that can perpetuate headaches.
All types of headaches, including migraines, have trigger points that relate to nervous system impulses and the build up of metabolic wastes in the tissues.
Most of these headaches can be relieved in 5-10 minutes by utilizing a few simple self-care techniques that can be easily learned in a few minutes. In most cases these techniques eliminate headaches faster than medication and are also more dependable.
   Healthy Drinking Tips

Drink lots of water. One of the best tools of preventative health maintenance is drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. Water is involved in nearly every bodily function, including digestion, nutrient absorption, circulation, and waste excretion. Dehydration plays a major role in serious illnesses like high blood pressure, asthma, stomach ulcers, back pain, and arthritis. According to Elizabeth Somer, dietitian and author of Food and Mood, "Most of us are walking around slightly dehydrated all the time which contributes to fatigue and general lack of well being."

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Want To Be Happy?
If you want to be happy for an hour, take a nap.
If you want to be happy for a day, go on a picnic.
If you want to be happy for a week, take a vacation.
If you want to be happy for six months, get married.
If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, serve others. 
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