August 2009
It's Time To Get Rid Of Your Pain 
Helping my clients become symptom free as quickly as possible has been my mission statement since starting my practice twelve years ago. It took a long time to build my business because most of my clients become symptom free quickly; They learn how to maintain their wellness and don't need to keep coming back regularly. My average client only sees me one to five times. Even though it's been a labor of love for me, it's not a business model that I would recommend to most new massage therapists, unless they have a strong calling to do this type of clinical massage & bodywork. I'm grateful to all my clients who have referred their families and friends to me and have continued their trust and support. 
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Frequently Asked Questions
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Low Back Pain
Neck & Shoulder Pain
Healthy Eating & Drinking Tips
How I Chose My Career


Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Do you think health care products that claim to relieve pain like massage tools, copper bracelets, magnets, supplements, analgesic lotions, etc. are effective?  I don't judge or discount anyone's testimony about his or her good results with a product. I have heard a few dramatic testimonials from clients how a product helped them to live a normal life again. Personally, I still maintain a respectful skepticism for many of these products, and I do not recommend nor discourage their use.
2.Do I need a doctor's approval for you to treat my frozen shoulder?  No, not unless you have a special condition and your doctor advises you against therapeutic massage & bodywork. If you fail to get any positive results after one or two sessions with me, I will suggest you see your doctor for an exam to rule out any pathology.

3.How many sessions are required to treat my carpal tunnel symptoms?  It depends on several factors--how proactive and motivated you are, your general physical condition, how your body adapts to the treatment, cause and duration of the injury, its severity, lack of motion, limitation of daily activities, etc. The average case usually requires 2-6 sessions.





Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

Clients presenting with this debilitating malady usually share common postural misalignments of the head, neck and shoulder, which creates a strain pattern through the neck, shoulders, and arms. The shoulders, arms, and wrists, are usually turned inward, so that when you are facing the client's front side, the backsides of their hands are facing forward instead of the thumbs. Typical symptoms are pain in the wrist and forearm, sleep interrupted by pain and tingling, numbness and weakness in hand and or fingers, immobility in wrists, hands, and fingers. Treatment consists of lengthening and softening hardened tissues, normalizing dysfunctional stress patterns, releasing adhesions and scar tissue with gentle, specific compression and stretch techniques. Most clients enjoy relief after only one or two sessions.  
Psoas Release   Low Back Pain
Over the years I have been trained in a variety of methods for treating low back pain, which has made it possible to treat a diverse clientele. Each treatment is tailored to the individual and may be a combination of several modalities depending how the client's body responds to the work. I have discovered that the most effective treatment for most clients is usually the simplest approach--a gentle compression and stretching of the five major muscles that contribute to low back pain, in addition to the quadriceps and hamstrings. Most clients report improvement after only one or two treatments. 
   Neck & Shoulder Pain
Neck, head, and shoulder pain due to cervical trauma from auto accidents, sports or work related injuries, or dysfunctional postural patterns, are common problems I treat regularly. Current evidence offers support for those who believe that most neck injuries primarily involve soft tissue damage, which can result in structural distortion from spasmed muscles, fibrous scar tissue, trigger point pain referral, nerve entrapment, tightened connective tissue, torn muscle fibers and fascia. My goal is to normalize the misalignment and structure of the neck and provide normal pain free range of motion and function by providing a gently compression and stretch treatment. Clinents usually see improvement after a session or two.



Healthy Eating & Drinking Tips

Plums-the latest superfood discovery. Some of the most nutritious foods are readily available and inexpensive. Food scientist, Dr. Luis Cisneros and plant breeder, David Byrne judged more than 100 varieties of plums, peaches, and nectarines, and found that their antioxidant and phytonutrient content matched or even exceeded that of highly rated blueberries. According to Byrne, one inexpensive plum contains about the same amount of antioxidants as a handful of blueberries. Other studies also consistently scored plums near the top of the list of high-antioxidant foods. The effect of the phytonutrients in plums on breast cancer cells were also tested and it was found that they inhibited in vito breast cancer growth without adversely affecting normal cell growth.


Therapeutic Bodyworks Tailored To Your Specific Needs
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How I Chose My Career
During my massage & bodywork training, I participated in several dramatic healing experiences that led me to my current work--treating acute and chronic pain. 
I was only weeks from completing my sports massage certification when two clients presented with painful conditions. One shuffled in with low back pain and the other had major neck pain with limited range of motion.  Both were symptom-free after only a single session. It seemed like a miracle to me. I was definitely hooked on the power of therapeutic touch, and the choice for my second career was a slam-dunk. 
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