Enjoying Minnesota Winter
February 2010
Snow Shoeing
This is my kind of winter--lots of snow.
My snow shoes and cross-country skis have seen more action this past December and January than the last three years.
It's a great way for me to release some of the stressful tension I occasionally create for myself. For example, thinking I can accomplish more than is possible, and letting these unreasonable expectations set me up for disappointment. It's a recipe for building unwanted body tension.
I have developed a keen body awareness from giving and receiving therapeutic bodywork for the past twelve years, and I know that focusing only on a physical release is not always enough to eliminate the tension. 
What is most effective in eliminating the tension from stress, in addition to the physical treatment, is to be present, slow down, take time to become still, clear the mind of thought, and surrender and yield to rather than oppose the flow of life.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Energy Flow and Change
What Is Zero Balancing?
The ZB Healing Factor
Healthy Drinking Tips
Humor and Our Health
Frequently Asked Questions:
  1.  Do you accept insurance cases?  I do--mostly personal injury cases resulting from auto accidents. All I need to bill your insurance company direct is a referral from your MD or chiropractor and current insurance claim number.
  2. Why does my pain come back a few days after our session?  Muscles have memory and unless you re-educate them with your home self-care stretches and movements they may return to their shortened position after they have been lengthened during the treatment. It's also possible that additional dysfunctional fascial and structural patterns need to be addressed. 
  3. What is Zero Balancing (ZB)?  It's a hands on body-mind therapy that promotes internal balance and harmony through the use of informed, skilled touch. ZB integrates Western medical science with Eastern energy healing traditions, promotes a sense of well-being and happiness even during the most difficult times of change. 
The Energy Body 
Energy Flow and Change
Whenever we experience a traumatic event or difficulty requiring change such as death of a loved one, a major health challenge, separation, divorce, or unemployment, it's normal for us to be overtaken with fearful negativity that affects our energy flow.
It's difficult to surrender promptly to the reality of a bad situation. In addition to feeling powerless and unable to move forward, our bodies become hard and rigid from resistance and tension from the stress, and our life energy flow is greatly reduced.
I experienced it ten years ago when my oldest son became a paraplegic as a result of a spinal cord injury. It was difficult and painful for me to accept the reality of his major life change. After the accident I couldn't sleep through the night. My mind was swamped with fearful negative thoughts, imagining the accident and how it would affect him and his family's future.
Three weeks after his accident, I attended one of my final Zero Balancing (ZB) classes before certification. After receiving a session that first day of our weekend training, I was amazed by the positive results of my energy being reorganized. I began sleeping soundly again through the whole night.
Eckert Tolle, in his book, The Power of Now, says, "bodywork and certain forms of physical therapy can be helpful in restoring this flow [energy], but unless you practice surrender in your everyday life, those things can only give temporary symptom relief since the cause--the resistance pattern--has not been dissolved." 
ZB Logo The ZB Healing Factor
Occasionally, I treat a client who doesn't achieve full range of motion, even after treating with several conventional structural bodyworking modalities. It seems like there is a deeper energetic holding pattern that needs to be addressed.
A client with a frozen shoulder, for example, after a session or two of therapeutic bodywork, improves their range of motion to 150 degrees instead of the full 180 degrees. In 50% of these cases a full range of motion was accomplished by providing the ZB Factor--a Zero Balancing session which simply imparts a clearer, stronger field of life energy through the client's body.
My reply to the delighted client's question, "how did you do that?" after raising his arm 180 degrees over his head: I don't know, but suspect that it's beyond explanation for most of us--something like quantum physics.

Balance on rope

What Is Zero Balancing?
ZB is one of the best-kept secrets in this part of the country. There are hundreds of certified Zero Balancing practitioners all over the world; Only two of us practice in the state of Minnesota.
ZB is a gentle hands on body-mind system of therapy that releases stress and tensions within the body and the mind, relieves symptoms caused by energetic or structural imbalance, and encourages integration and stabilization.
Using energy movement to integrate Western medical science with Eastern energy healing traditions, it promotes internal balance and harmony through the use of informed, skilled touch.
Many of my ZB clients come to me initially for relief from emotional or physical pain, but continue receiving sessions as their general quality of life improves.
Juice Glass & Straws   Healthy Drinking Tips

Most of us have probably at one time or other used prune juice for its high-fiber based laxative effect. However, the deep purple elixir is a virtual cocktail of beneficial nutrients and vitamins according to many health experts. The juice distilled from dried plums is high in antioxidants called phenols, believed to be beneficial to body tissue. Studies suggest they are helpful in blocking oxygen-based free radicals from damaging the body's fats.

Because skin cell and brain cell membranes are composed mostly of fats, drinking prune juice may help protect against cell damage to these vital areas.
Another feature I like about prune juice is its 1% sodium to 15% potassium ratio, which is good for anyone trying to maintain healthy blood pressure.
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Laughing Guy
Humor and Our Health
Most of us would agree that we feel good after a hearty belly laugh. Research indicates that our body's healing system responds well to laughter and humor. It boosts our immunity, relieves physical tension from stress, relieves pain, eases anxiety and fear, and adds joy and zest to our lives. We need to groom our sense of humor and laugh more because it enriches our lives by improving our physical, mental, and spirtual health. 
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