Torah Top Ten
A Summer Sermon Series
by Pastor Baker 

BibleJoin us this summer for Pastor Baker's sermon series on how Jesus and the Ten Commandments go together, linking commandments to New Testament Scripture and current events. It promises to be spiritual stimulating and challenging. Join us this summer!

Sunday, June 15 - Monument or Movement?
Are the Ten Commandments still relevant and binding on Christians?
Sunday, June 22 - Full-Bodied Love
A look at the shema and the first two commandments
Sunday, June 29 - Vain Speech and Action
Why the third commandment is about more than cussing
Sunday, July 6 - Jesus and a Different Kind of Sabbath
Rethinking what Sabbath is all about (the 4th commandment)
Sunday, July 13 (Series Interlude) - A Wesley Sermon
                By Pastor Edgardo Colón-Emeric
Sunday, July 20 (Series Interlude) - Morgan Guyton, Duke Intern preaching
Sunday, July 27 - A New Family Value
Honoring parents and honoring God - contradictory or complimentary?
Sunday, August 3 - A Consistent Ethic of Life
Jesus and life - More than just a "no" to murder
Sunday, August 10 (Series Interlude) - Cheryl Brown preaching
Sunday, August 17 - Holding Every Thought Captive
In the bedroom - the Ten Commandments in "our" business
Sunday, August 24 - More than a Felony
Stealing from others and stealing from God
Sunday, August 31 - The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth - Why Christians must practice honesty and live with integrity
Sunday, September 7 - Disordered Desire
When a good gift becomes distorted