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"I think this is exactly what consumers need.
Agents should have them available and customized"
.... Joeann Fossland  (www.Joeann.com)
(One of the top 25 most influential women in Real Estate, 2008) 
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"Short Sale" eBook Guide Set 

After the success of
I promised to offer more eBooks ...
... that will leave your competition in the dust!
The FIRST SET is now
"hot off the eBook press"
Wendalynn Jones 
About GuidesAbout
The Guides
As much as you'd like them to go away, they aren't going anywhere soon.
This is why I have stepped in to make it all flow a lot EASIER.
Although Short Sales can be frustrating, they are also a lucrative way to create income.  What you DON'T want is additional and unnecessary confusion ~ particularly when working with homeowners who are already feeling stressed and overwhelmed.
Imagine being able to simply email your Sellers or Buyers a guide which clearly explains the Short Sale Process to them, so that YOU don't have to.  Wouldn't it be great to eliminate that pressure, right from the start?
With this in mind, I adapted a mass of information into two "easy-to-understand" Short Sale eBooks.  A "Guide for Sellers", and a "Guide for Buyers".
AND ... I used the same concept that Realtors LOVED with "450 Ideas To Help Your Home Sell Faster", that of relieving you of time-consuming FRUSTRATION!!  You won't have to keep explaining the basics of the Short Sale process over and over and over ~ it's all laid out.
AND ... like "450 Ideas To Help Your Home Sell Faster", the price of the set of Guides INCLUDES a license to give this material to Sellers and Buyers for as long as you wish (an amazing deal).
AND ... once again, I'm even offering to personalize the covers (for an additional cost).  Each cover will include your photo, logo and contact information.  It you have something this unique, you want people to know where it came from!!  
Actually, I don't believe there is anything "out there" like this.
So, you can sit and wait for the economy to "pick up", or you can be one of the first to take advantage of the current situation.  By acting NOW, you will be WAY AHEAD of the competition.  By the time other Agents finally realize they have to do "something else" to slow down the state of business erosion, you already will be firmly enjoying the lucrative fruits of your labor.  
Let's take a further look at this set of "Short Sale Guides" ...  
Short Sale Guide
For Sellers
This is the "Essential Guide For Home Owners".  It takes them step-by-step through:
1)  Understanding A Short Sale
2)  Who Qualifies For A Short Sale
3)  Who Profits From A Short Sale
4)  The Short Sale Process 
5)  How To Prepare A Short Sale Package
6)  What Goes On "Behind The Scenes" 
I have laid it all out so that YOU DON'T HAVE TO !!!
(12 fact-filled pages) 
Short Sale Guide
For Buyers
This is the "Essential Guide For Home Buyers".  It takes them step-by-step through:
1)  Understanding A Short Sale
2)  A Look At 8 Important Things They Need To "DO"
3)  A Look At 7 Important Things They Need To "KNOW"
4)  The Ultimate Advantages of a Short Sale
I have laid it all out so that YOU DON'T HAVE TO !!!
(10 fact-filled pages) 
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$40.00 ... (includes BOTH eBooks)
(Price includes a license to use the ebooks indefinitely)
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"450 Ideas To Help Your Home Sell Faster"

What's being said about the eBook
that spawned
"The Short Sale Guides" 
 Joeann Fossland
"It's a 'must use' for any Realtor who wants an edge.  Checklists make it easy and the format is brilliant."
Paula Bean
"For 25 years, I've always looked for innovative marketing tools as a way to stand apart from the competition.  Not only does this eBook meet that criteria, it's also a hit with my sellers, buyers and propects." 

Gerri Sonkin
"I'm fortunate enough to be a member of Allen F. Hainge's Cyberstars and have access to the latest and best marketing tools that top agents all over the world are using.  This eBook is right up there with the best of them."
Angus Woodbury
"I can't even begin to tell you what a valuable tool this ebook is ~ both in a physical sense and on an e-level.  I think that as the market gets even tougher, this marketing tool will become even more valuable."
Mollie Wasserman
"This eBook has been a super tool for my team.  Sellers love how it's done up room by room, and since it's personalized to my team, it has integrated into our other materials."
Liz Varney
"As a top-producting Realtor, I always look for ways to set myself apart AND service my clients.  One of the greatest tools I have come across for my sellers is this eBook.  They all use it and enjoy the information immensely.  Plus, they are impressed with ME for giving it to them." 
Angela Harkins
"Informative ... reinforces my branding ... customized to me.  I've had fantastic results from using this marketing eTool.  My sellers love it!! 
Marlene Bass
"I believe that this is one of the best eBooks available for an agent to give to their client." 
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About Wendalynn

For the past ten years, Wendalynn has been using her background in Interior Decorating to assist Realtors with creative ways to sell their properties.

Her popular "450 Ideas To Help Your Home Sell Faster" is being used by Agents in 49 States, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. 

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