Heavenly Father, holy is thy name. Thank you, Father, for your abundant blessings in my life. 
Thank you, too for my husband. He is the perfect one for me and your gift to me. I pray I remember this if I ever feel the urge to dishonor him in any way. Please bless those without a husband, who desire and seek one, if this is best for them and your will for their lives. 


Thank you, Father, for listening to me and answering this prayer. I love you! In Jesus' name. Amen.

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The Godly Woman's Guide: Weekly Inspiration 
Due Honor
Monday, April 16, 2012

Everybody Loves Raymond was a very popular television show in America and it still is today although it is in syndication. My husband and I still enjoy relaxing together in our bedroom while watching it. We share our laughter because at times it reminds us of ourselves and our families. However, probably like you, I don't condone the way Debra disrespects her husband by calling him names like idiot and other things she does to him. But I am not totally innocent in the matter.


Early in my marriage I used to behave in a similar fashion and even call my husband names. I got married as a teen, knew nothing about the church, and I was raised by a single parent. So although I honored my mother I knew nothing about respecting or showing honor to my spouse. I used to embarrass him in public and even yell at him especially in front of my family. But today I take full responsibility for my actions. I appreciate him greatly and give him the respect he deserves and as God's Word instructs. Do I mess up sometimes? Yes, I'm still growing and fallible but my goal each day is to esteem him as head of our home. But I never ever disrespect him in public. Even if he doesn't do a job as well or the way I believe he should. I still recognize him as the husband God put in charge of our home and I honor him. 


Many married women refuse to submit to their spouses or allow anyone to usurp authority over them. It is good and we are blessed as females in the USA to have many liberties that other nations don't allow their women. This is particularly beneficial for those of us who may find ourselves in a physically abusive relationship. However, as godly women we are to be good examples at its highest. This is what Christianity is all about. We are to consistently show utmost respect and honor to our spouses and those in authority over us.


I know from experience that being submissive is not easy especially when our spouses (or others) consistently make poor decisions that may leave our families in trouble.  But there is one significant difference I have observed, since I began honoring my husband on a regular basis. I've noticed that Father answers my prayers more rapidly and he has showered me with many special blessings. However, one of the best things that have come from me giving respect to my husband is that it has led him to a close relationship with God. Today, he reads his Bible daily and now makes better decisions than he did in the past and he is even preparing to become a preacher! Now I can cheerfully and honestly say that he is the perfect husband for me and a special gift from Father.


Wonderful things like this happen to us when we trust and obey Father and allow him to have the final say in every area of our lives even those in which we are uncomfortable. We will begin to receive blessings, beyond belief, that enrich our lives greatly when we give due honor to our spouses, and those in authority over us, as commanded by our holy Father. 




Wives, likewise, be submissive to your own husbands, that even if some do not obey the word, they, without a word, may be won by the conduct of their wives, when they observe your chaste conduct accompanied by fear. (1 Pet. 3:1-2 NKJV)

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Ladies, remember, we express reverence to Father by showing respect to all, especially to leaders in the church. When we esteem others, he will shower us with extraordinary blessings. If you are married, make sure that you remain a godly example and give due honor to your husband, even if you believe he doesn't deserve it. Hopefully it will change his heart for the better and he will become devoted to Christ as the focus scripture indicates.


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In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact me if you are in need of prayer. (I appreciate your requests for prayers - so keep 'em coming!) Also, email me or call me at 702-785-2189 to let me know what I can do to serve you better. May God our holy Father in heaven continue to bless you and keep you so that you may always be a blessing wherever you go!


P.S. Before I go I would like for you to know that this ministry is a labor of love for me and I believe a gift from God to me, the Lord's church, and godly women everywhere according to Titus 2:3-5 and 1 Corinthians 14:12. Therefore I will continue to publish The Godly Woman's Guide and my Weekly Inspiration as long as women desire to read it, even if I never make a penny from it, and as long as Father gives me the strength. Thank you for listening. God bless you!




Terri Temple

The Godly Woman's Guide


Terri Temple is a godly woman and devout Christian wholeheartedly devoted to God and his church. She is also a Christian author, publisher, and speaker and is a full-time servant and minister to women internationally. She edited and published two popular magazines (one an award-winning publication) that were distributed in Arizona, California, and Nevada. She authored her first book, 31 Days to a New You in Christ in 2007, and just recently released her first eBook entitled Be Happy Now! She also has a new, upcoming TV show, plus more books scheduled to be published this year. She has been married and a member of the Lord's church for nearly three decades.  




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