Heavenly Father, holy is thy name. Thank you, Lord, for everything and for blessing me abundantly.

Thank you, Father, too for blessing me to be the spiritual leader in my family.


Father, please give me the courage, strength and wisdom to continue to lead my family, as long as it is necessary, in a way that is pleasing and acceptable in your sight. 

I pray I accept this honorable position and be content with that and not complain but be courageous instead.  I pray that I be a good example and role model for my family and not allow them to discourage me or influence me negatively from continuing to take the lead as needed.


I pray, Father, that if I am down and my light starts to go dim, I will allow your holy word to lift me up. I also pray that you will surround me with other God-fearing souls so that we may lift one another up at the proper time as needed.


Thank you, Father, once again for listening to me and answering my prayers.  In Jesus' name, my Lord and King. Amen.


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The Godly Woman's Guide: Weekly Inspiration 
Spiritual Anchors 
Monday, February 21, 2011



Are you the spiritual anchor or leader in your family like many godly women are? If you are then there may be times when you feel exhausted from being the "one" who usually has to hold your family together.  You may feel alone and greatly discouraged or even defeated at times. I know because I am the spiritual anchor or leader in my family. Many years ago, God chose me to be the one to lead my family to the church.


By the grace of God I've grown spiritually stronger through the years; however, at times I have been weaker. It was during those fragile moments that I longed for someone else to take the spiritual reigns.  It would have been of great benefit to me if God had seen fit to make that occur. So far it has not happened and I'm still holding the torch. But for us spiritual anchors, that's the way God made it for a reason that we may never fully know.


So, what should we spiritual anchors do? Do we give up and quit? Do we refuse to take God's word to heart, like many others do? Of course not. We stay strong in the Lord and in the power of his might! We accept our leadership and responsibility gladly. We study our Bibles daily and we continue to converse with our Father via prayer and thus gain strength. We continue to be the example and the light in the dark that God calls us to be, which is to imitate Jesus in his perfect role of love, faith and hope. And we do well to remember that God will reward us for our righteousness and faithfulness in due time and that our hard work is never in vain.




The Lord rewards every [wo]man for his righteousness and faithfulness. (1 Sam. 26:23 NIV)


Ladies, once again I hope this edition of The Godly Woman's Guide Weekly Inspiration was encouraging and uplifting to you--the precious and beloved godly woman! Please pray for God to keep and to strengthen godly women around the world, especially those who are the spiritual anchors in their family so that they will continue to seek and serve him wholeheartedly. In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact me for prayer and let me know what I can do to serve you better. May God our holy Father in heaven continue to bless you and keep you so that you may remain to be a blessing to your family and your community and wherever you go!


Terri Temple

Founder, The Godly Woman's Guide

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