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Lisa Goldstein

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for our summer retreats - your partnership in this transformative work is powerful and inspiring.  And for those of you who weren't able to join us this time, please know you were missed!


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Jeff Goldwasser
The Institute in the World:

 Revitalizing Jewish Life

by Hevraya Jeff Goldwasser



I spent last week at a retreat with the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. A group of 35 rabbis, cantors, Jewish educators and lay leaders spent five days studying texts, meditating, practicing yoga, singing, worshiping, and (I don't exaggerate) revitalizing North American Judaism. 

Rabbis and cantors participating in the Institute for Jewish Spirituality's Hevraya program. I am sure that in the coming months I will write here about some of my learning from this retreat, especially as we approach the High Holy Days. For now I just want to offer an unpaid, unsolicited advertisement for the Institute and my arguments for why its work is so important.

...There is a tremendous need for Jewish leaders who can engage today's Jews in meaningful study of Jewish tradition that speaks to the spiritual concerns and challenges of people's lives. There is a need for leaders who can create worship experiences that are lively, passionate and joyful to make people want to come back to the synagogue regularly. There is a need for leaders... 

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Sheila Weinberg

The Institute in the World:

Travel to Senegal with AJWS

by Sheila Weinberg




A young girl, fifteen, takes my hand and leads me to her house. "Baila" she says. Baila means dance in Spanish, a language I do understand. She is, however, speaking Wolof. She hands me a broom made out of sticks, with no handle and I understand that Baila means sweep in Wolof....

...We are really here to learn with our bodies and our minds so that we can enter into a new level of relationship with the world. We are here to see inequity, exploitation, deprivation, joy, harmony, courage and love. We are here to get confused enough so that we will continue to study and mostly continue to care about the global south, about Africa about human rights and about our responsibility as the "haves" on this globe....
From Hevraya:
Institute Aryeh Ben Davidalumnus Aryeh Ben David has written an important piece we'd like to share, "A Manifesto of Jewish Education."  In it he says -

"We've hit a wall in our delivery of Jewish Education. We have made great strides in teaching basic Jewish literacy - in explaining Jewish texts, educating the mind and disseminating information. Jewish educators have excelled at this during the last 25 years.

But preserving the past will not get us to a better future.

The time has come for the next phase of Jewish Education: Personalizing Jewish wisdom. Bringing Jewish wisdom into our hearts and into our lives. Allowing Jewish wisdom to make us better Jews and transforming us into our best selves. This is the key to our future...."

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Congratulations, Jordan! 

Congratulations to Institute staff member and Center for Jewish Mindfulness founder Jordan Bendat-Appell on being chosen as one of Chicago's 36 Under 36!  


  Jordan Bendat-Appell


Thanks for all your wonderful work, Jordan!  You deserve this recognition.

Congratulations to our Hevraya (alumni) member, Susan Tendler, on
  Rabbi Susan Tendler

Learning Together

This year, for the first time, we are offering two text study options (full descriptions here).


Sign up for text study with Rabbis Jonathan Slater, Yael Levy, or both!


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Jonathan Slater

Sample text Vayishlach

Rabbi Yael Levy  


This year's emails will begin Friday, October 5.


The cost is $240 to subscribe to study online with either teacher, or $450 for both.  


To register and for more details, please visit Regonline. 


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