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 Lisa Goldstein

For several weeks now, I have been contemplating an epigraph that quoted anthropologist Loren Eiseley:  


"I once saw, on a flowerpot in my own living room, the efforts of a field mouse to build a remembered field. I have lived to see this episode repeated in a thousand guises, and since I have spent a large portion of my life in the shade of a nonexistent tree, I think I am entitled to speak for the field mouse."

It occurs to me that so much of teshuvah, the intensive work of the last two weeks, is about rebuilding a remembered field.  Teshuvah is what allows us to go home to ourselves, even if we have been uprooted, physically or spiritually, during the past year.  It enables us to rediscover our most authentic selves as a foundation in order to live more truly in service of our families, our communities, our world and the Divine. 

And with the strength of that foundation, we now turn to build homes for ourselves in that recreated remembered field - fragile sukkot that remind us that although structures are inherently flimsy and often need to be rebuilt, we can still feel safe and joyous under the starry skies. 

May your New Year be filled with sweet blessings and your Sukkot be joyous and sheltering.  




Lisa Goldstein

Executive Director


Torah Study for the Soul

with Rabbi Jonathan Slater

a Contemplative Perspective from Hasidic Texts

5772:  No'am Elimelekh 


No'am Elimelekh Teaching
No'am Elimelekh Teaching


Join in the expanding circle of rabbis, cantors and teachers who share in the profound and spiritually uplifting world of Torah study with the Institute for Jewish Spirituality.


This year (5772) we will study from No'am Elimelekh,

the teachings of the classical Hasidic master, R. Elimelekh of Lyzhansk.  R. Elimelekh was instrumental in bringing Hasidism to Poland and shaping the image and role of the tzaddik, the Hasidic rebbe. 


Enrich yourself, deepen your experience of Torah study and expand the sources from which you teach by participating in the Institute's Text Study Program.  Join us in mining these sources for useful and powerful teachings, informed by a contemplative, mindfulness based approach.


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January Retreats 
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Retreat:  A Silent Retreat: The True Rest of Shabbat 
[Open Registration]
Dates:  January 6-8, 2012
Faculty:  Rabbis Jonathan Slater, Lisa Goldstein; additional staff to be announced.

Retreat:  Rabbis 7 Cohort 
Dates:  January 8-13, 2012
Faculty:  Rabbis Jonathan Slater, Lisa Goldstein, Myriam Klotz, Dan Liben and Jordan Bendat-Appell.

Retreat:  Seeing the Good: Cultivating Loving Perception (Ayin Tova) 
[Open Registration]
Dates:  January 19-22, 2012
Faculty:  Institute staff Rabbis Jordan Bendat-Appell, Rachel Cowan, Lisa Goldstein, Myriam Klotz, and Jonathan Slater; with guest faculty Rabbis Mimi Feigelson and Miriam Margles, with yoga instructor Sandra Razieli.

Retreat:  Hevraya - The Attraction and Danger of Encounters with the Sacred: The Tale of Nadav and Avihu
Dates:  January 22-26, 2012
Faculty:  Dr. Melila Hellner-Eshed (Hebrew University) and Rabbis Sheila Weinberg, Myriam Klotz, Jonathan Slater, Lisa Goldstein, and Marc Margolius.
Upcoming Retreat
Nov 27 - Dec 1, 2011

Retreat: Mindfulness Retreat:  To You, Silence is Praise
Dates:  Nov. 27-Dec1, 2011
Faculty Sylvia Boorstein, Rabbis Sheila Weinberg, Myriam Klotz, and Jeff Roth
Room & Board: Single $700-760, Double $630-690, Triple $560-620 [sliding scale based on ability to pay]
Location:  Garrison Institute, Garrison NY
Register and for more information [click here]

This retreat is coming up soon, if you're planning on joining us, please register soon so we can plan accordingly!

This retreat will integrate the practices of mindfulness and loving kindness meditation for the liberation of the heart and mind and Jewish liturgy, text and tradition.  

The retreat will follow a silent retreat schedule, alternating periods of sitting and movement.  There will be daily yoga.  It will be held in silence except for instruction periods, question and answer opportunities and didactic presentations.  It is open to beginners and experienced participants.

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